Recordings (Songs, Readings and Spoken Word)

Recordings: Songs, Readings and Spoken Word.

This page will act as a quick, reference guide for all the pieces I've recorded and published on my various Blogger, Wordpress and Audioboo pages, and will be updated as new posts are published on any of my sites.

2.    The Thirst

3.    Stiletto Deep

6.    Loving Stares

11.  Carnie

18.  A Will Transformed (Mythic Series: Song One: Song of Vengeance)

19.  Embracing Terrain

20.  Enrapt by Lunar Glow

21.  Freedom Of Fireflies

22.  The Hit

23.  Black Mask Of Love

24.  Red

25.  A Love Like This

26.  At The Entry Gate to the Palace of the Star Burnt Trophy Children

27.  Pine Box

28.  Jarring Doorjambs

29.  In Gelatinous Space

30.  The Burden of An Oracle

31.  Descendants of Moreau

32.  Past Links to the Present Tense

33.  Blind to Periphery 

34.  B Ballad (A Possession in Astral Tongue)

35.  The Rave-A Stream Of Consciousness Groove

36.  Simpler Things

37.  Seashells on Sabbatical

38.  Of Piety and Penumbra

39.  A Provenance (Terrain Re-Formed)

40.  Gaia Hypothesis

41.  A Sensorial Reckoning

42.  Non Sequitur of Humidity

43.  Tangent Away

44.  The Long Wok…of a short peer

45.  Met-A-Morpho-Sis

46.  Sashay (Suburban Slake)

47.  Intemperance: The Insignificant Parallel of a Denigrating Indentity

48.  Unrefined Opinions

49.  Tigers and Gazelles 

50.  On Our Walk

51.  Random drivel solidifying somehow

52.  Darkness Sheds its Shade

53.  A Few Effects of Impairment

54.  A Stilled Life

55.  Enchantress

56.  Fall

57.  Reason for Detour

58.  The Nobody with the Chance to be a Hero to Somebody

59.  The First Time I Heard Cowboys From Hell

60.  The Atrophied Sinew(Wrestling Known Demons)

61.  Introvert Solitaire

62.  Central Waters

63.  Belief In a Time of Tyrannical Uprising

64.  The Quest For Artistic Relevancy in an Era of Complacency

65.  Moveable Feast

66.  Forlorn, Forgotten

67.  As the Flash Deceives the Eye to Feel

68.  A Consortium of Grecian Time (VIDEO)

69.  Internal Gardening of Weak Soil

70.  The Extinguished Revival of the Contemporary Arsonist

71.  8 Stages of Regret (VIDEO)

72.  Exhaustion as Navigator (VIDEO)

73.  Now Here's the Kicker…

74.  The Fraudulent Hero and The Relationship Between Happenstance
       and Happiness

75.  Terraforming (VIDEO)

76.  Nightmare's Autopsy (The Will to Overcome) (VIDEO)

77.  Of Consequence…

78.  A Contradictory Mindfulness

79.  Heaven's In My Heart (A Devotional) (SONG)

80.  A Thanksgiving Tale (short story) (VIDEO)

81.  The Requiem and Potential Rebirth upon Preparation's Stage (VIDEO)

82.  Sense of Home (Song/Poem)

83.  The Rambling Nature of Love (VIDEO)

84.  Directives Born Deep In

85.  The Hornet

86.  A Guided Stroll

87.  Snuffed

88.  Center of Wealth: A Gift of Presence (VIDEO)

89.  Especially Sunday (VIDEO)

90.  Timing (VIDEO)

91.  1…2…3…(VIDEO)

92.  In Between The End And The Beginning (VIDEO)

93.  Into The Dark Beyond (VIDEO)

94.  A Song For The Doubter (SONG)

95.  The Crux of the Hex (A Lullaby of Pain) (VIDEO)

96.  The Letting Go (VIDEO)

97.  If Then, How? (VIDEO)

98.  The Ruins of Open Wounds

99.  Found From Within The Talon's Side (VIDEO)

From: Apercus of Apperception (Wordpress site)

1.    Furlongs Past Fatigued (audio only)

2.    Inversions

3.    The Story and The Story Teller

4.    Stepping Through Today

5.    Ode To Metal

6.    A Savage Penitence

7.    Song of the March Sparrow

8.    The Senses Numbed

9.    Cataracts Over Brunch

10.  Regarding Soft Tissue

11.  Last Sheep

12.  Off The Wall

13.  Searching For Things Familiar (In both English and Latin)

14.  Rescue From A Dirty Plot

15.  Wavelengths

16.  Condensation Over Incurious Perspiry

17.  Unmentioned Motives

18.  Audhumbla

19.  Rise Of The Frost Giants

20.  A Serenade For What Remains

21.  Tough Luck: A Sketch Poorly Drawn

22.  Chains

23.  Downtrodden and Disheartened

24.  Villainous Lover

25.  Wingwalker

26.  A Really Bad Hair Day

27.  Flags of Freedom

28.  Baby Bird

29.  Random Exercise In Recall

30.  A Balancing Act

31.  A Stream of Journaling

32.  The Promise Heaven Sends

33.  The Perils of Quest for the Unchosen Man

34.  A Ravaging of Innocence (Senseless Coalescence)

35.  Subtext and Chicanery 

36.  In Dreams, Even Trail Mix is Symbolic

37.  In The Garden

38.  Directing Arterial Spray

39.  Zones of Grey

40.  Dream Doors

41.  A Gift Of Love (Spiritual Proclamation)

42.  Inactivity Stirring Guilt

43.  Seasonal Shifter

44.  Scenes From an Undisclosed Story

45.  Fragmented Actions

46.  Hypodermal Anaphylactic 

47.  A Dropkick To the Senses

48.  On Rebellion

49.  A Girl of Mystery

50.  Sound of Restless Hope

51.  Nutshell Philosophy

52.  Sleeping Awake…with Surface to Air RPM's Closing Fast

53.  Twenty-Six Prevarications 

54.  Alden Albern

55.  Sleeping Cellular

56.  General Adaptive Syndrome and other Variabilities

57.  Denim

58.  A Possible Reaction For The Mortally Wounded

59.  Intrinsic Fires Woefully Set Ablaze

60.  Catwalks and Carpenter Ants

61.  Adversarial

62.  A Case of Melancholy

63.  Salve of Touch

64.  The Bazaar

65.  In Lethal Doses

66.  In Defense of Vultures (Revenge)

67.  The Possibility Through Abstraction

68.  Of a Scientific Mind (set) Found as Free

69.  Dystopian Effigy

70.  The Unfortunate Case of Narcoleptic Prosody

71.  A Dull Tension's Thrust

72.  Fizzle and Fade

73.  Time, Ticking Away

74.  Inextricable Mutation

75.  Yellow Cab Cutie

76.  UnFormAT

77.  Naivety in a World of Mass Communication

78.  Circuitous Disasters and other Wide-Ranging Fortuitous Ramblings

79.  Life and Death Around Every Turn

From: This Fractured Landscape

1.   A Depressed State (A Sad Night and an Even Greater Loss)

2.   Alone Vs. Lonely (Longer work broken down into 6 recordings)

3.   Some Brief Thoughts on Pain and Desensitization 

4.   What Evils Reside Behind This Door?

5.   A Case For The Storyteller (VIDEO)

6.   The Birth Of Day (VIDEO)

7.   An Essay on Challenges (Episode 1) (VIDEO)

8.   A Short Conversation on Journeys and…(VIDEO)

9.   A Lesson Learned From Comic Book Collecting (VIDEO)

10. Reflections on Who We Are and What Factors Affect…(VIDEO)

11. The Bitter and The Cold (VIDEO)

12. An Unlikely Decision (VIDEO)

13. Cars, And What They Can Tell Us (VIDEO)

14. That Which Haunts Us, Tends To Intensify When Anxieties Find             Weakness(VIDEO)

From: Sqwerm

1.    Jungle Clearing Distortion Queue

2.    Neon Haze (Surround/Expand)

3.    Unsteadied Currents

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