Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Found From Within The Talon's Side

A flagrant volition—a violation, an action and a scowl—determined aggravation from the tongue of pawn—intrigued by the rapturous ideology presented in the late—by an allegorical phantasm of chance, an echoic beauty—one whom not even time could prevent the inviting allegation to conceive it’s concocted arrhythmia to the weather-worn hopes of one as he—

 Held in awe, by a desperate princess, bearing fruitful presents and an unholy proclamation of some love-stricken scheme that preyed endearingly, to every impossible shard of dream ever awoken from—

Encased was a promise, a scented sentence if detected, for this vow, was considerable in all it stood for to the two at hand, yet dynamically catastrophic by those in opposition.  This love, between two such as these, was in fact, in direct disobedience of the caste each were forced to lead their lives upon.

Sufferance would indeed be remarked. Damnation would, in all effect, be set in spades, even as twin bounties corrugate between the sky and all the Heavens it protects, and the reams of suet still freshly stifled, as the heart’s contents remained—where still set the bone, strangling upon the saltiest of teardrops ever wrung.

Vitality was denied through end of breath. Parturient strands unabashed by the chaotic consequence at bay—unintended for, yet persisting nonetheless, were its strides—a collateral
Striation, bound by sinew’s string, looping through the bitter entanglements of the amnesia stricken torso to which the factions fortuitously release, divide—segregating lower lip, pierced by steel and ember and the upper manifestations—the mutations estranged by first sin’s blaspheming kiss.

Protracted involvement. Sacrilege upon the altar of the
Withered. Flesh of songbird, broken wing—yet clung it had, dearly, paying ultimate price to perform it’s duty, clinging tightly with pride, onto the message placed within its’ talon’s

Tuesday is once again upon us, and that, of course, brings about the greatest night of poetry around.  Open Link Night is a world-wide phenomenon, where lover's of poetry get to read, listen to, write and share poetry of all type.  Make sure you stop by D'Verse starting today at 3pm.  Cheers!


  1. really nice rhythm in this man...how vivid the imagery as well...particularly that next to last stanza for me....

  2. Tons of great imagery at play, as most days at your bay, trying to withstand death with every breath and cling to life, is sure something at one point or another to cause many strife. Some things can and can't be done, as such when it's the end of your run it's the end of your run.

  3. As Pat and Brian said...so much imagery here. I am fascinated with the idea of the princess with presents & damnation set in spades.

  4. also that the songbird even in the end clung to its song...

  5. A lot to digest here Fred, but I have the impression of two people from different caste system, paying the ultimate price for their love and sins ~

    Happy OLN ~

  6. hey fred

    this deserves at least a couple more listens and read thrus: much to take in and breakdown to absorb fully but on a first impression i have to say it offers vivid pictures and excites with its atmosphere and strong sense of identity . . . its been a while since i have watched a good reading and it really expanded or nailed the piece having you relay it direct and in style . . . cheers fred, all the best

  7. like others mentioned already...the images stand out here but for me also the intensity of tone

  8. written with a reaching depth that commands rereads and you find something every time love it , Chris http://velvetmedia.wordpress.com/