Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Bones of A Water-Logged Persistence (Swimmer's Lilt)

A hospitable transmutation—
         Converting nature to nature and form to form

A morpheme unexpected
Provides an individuality all it’s own

Where in duodenum, a plurality’s construed
While in jejunum, emptiness is found after death,
The ileum is the tertiary of the small
It connects to the Cecum, a pouch, uniting the small to large

Phenotypic variation is essential
when evolving from shallow to deep
Genetic pools that drown us under—
A quick flushing finds a tide reigning upon sensation

If not for the (sick) gills mutation’s provided
I’d have floated jetsam like the rest—unable to
Find stowage in some (ill-tempered) future’s ark
         Yet I can swim, and I’m free to swim
Even in these predatory seas,
         I still have a chance, I still have chance, water-wings and all

An extremely late entry to this week Open Link Night over at D'Verse.

My niece brought home a nasty cold from day care a few weeks ago, and I had thought I escaped it's wrath, but last Wednesday I awoke feeling quite miserable, which of course I poo-pooed aside, as a case of getting out of bed on the wrong side.  Well, as the day progressed, so did the bug.  Needless to say I got some medicine and for the most part hadn't really left the house too much since then.  Outside of a couple visits to the store for necessities and a foolish jaunt to the movies on Sunday when I was feeling better, (relapse anyone?), pretty much been a sleep fest with a side of chicken soup.  Well, feeling much better now, but not going to make the same mistake twice, going to keep laying low for the next couple of days until I'm confident this bug is gone for good, which I'm able to do.  Funny thing, it's the first case of unemployment actually allotting me anything of benefit:)  

So, anyhow, haven't been writing really much of late.  But I happened to find the framework of the piece I'm posting right now, which I tweaked a little bit right now, as I didn't want to miss out on OLN and the great company of the D'Verse poets.  So, hopefully I'll be up to speed come tomorrow for tomorrow's event.  I am hopeful that'll be the case, as, (knock on wood), -actually knocking-I am actually feeling much better.  Anyhow.  Quit reading this and head on over to D'verse for the last few hours of Open Link Night. Cheers.


  1. I hope you are feeling 100 percent now. Those bugs seem to grab hold, dig in and ride us for the long haul.

    The water wings had me smiling. Yeah, what would happen if we lost those wings? I shudder to think!

  2. Water wings and chicken soup will keep thee afloat for all your future journeys down the alimentary tract.

  3. Better late than never. Reminds me a bit of Science Fiction meets Poet. Nicely written. Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Good to see you Fred ~ Must be careful of having a relapse, just take lots of rest and liquids ~ I specially like the last three lines, there is realization that we can do so much still, despite our challenges ~

  5. Fred this is quite the celebration of the Gastrointestinal system, and a miraculous system it is...a delightful metaphoric piece...thank you for sharing@!

  6. man...sorry you caught the cold...that stinks....hope you are feeling better...nice rip of a verse....i like the flow and quick rhymes in it...i chuckled at the waterwing end as well...we always have a chance you know...smiles..

  7. oh good to hear that you're already feeling little one is sick as well...i really like the metaphor here fred... and esp. the swimming free in the last part...water-wings and all...nice....

  8. Glad to hear your feeling better, Fred. Unemployment sucks - but at least it gives you time to be ill properly.

    Your poem is very interesting too - I'm used to such talk though, being married to a doctor, so I wasn't looking flushed at the end :-)

  9. germs suck in every way and yeah best not to push it until you're sure they are gone, those germs can surround and fun flow at your ground.

  10. Love this journey Fred - water-wings and all.

    So glad you are on the mend.

    Anna :o]

  11. i like the metaphor of the gill's mutation. i like the tongue and cheek of the mild mutation when really it's non at all. :)

  12. I hope you're completely well, now. Have to say, using a metaphorical small intestine is unique and apt. When you take it to the colon, let me know ahead of time!

  13. Yeah, cool stuff, I love the bit about the water wings and the 'I can swim' line.

  14. Hope you're feeling better for good now. I really like this metaphor Fred. It makes me think of the terrible old joke about someone undesirable, how the gene pool could use a little chlorine. Sorry, you're words deserve much better than that. Have a good weekend.