Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toxicology in Suburbia

Movement mired through the murk and muck
Muddy boot-prints tracking whereabouts across
Freshly mopped floors

Internal chemistry is out of balance.  Like the wavering gymnast, hoping the time runs out before his turn, you stare deep within your own eyes, and feel the anvils harness hold your cheeks and lids.

Suffocation hovers close to every breath.  Interruptions glaze their disapproving postures, in such a way, whereas, your tongue is dormant in it’s cavern, unprepared or willing to defend the order of the actions spelt.

In suburbia.


  1. ha. great title...this is life comfortably numb in suburbia...feel the anvil hold the cheeks and lids...great line that...nice build in this too fred...

  2. Muddy boot-prints tracking whereabouts across
    Freshly mopped floors... i find this an intriguing image which can describe disturbing real life events as well as an abstract state of mind..

  3. Quite the depiction here today at your bay, with a weave of facial features that could scare off horror creatures haha like the suffocation of every breath too.