Thursday, September 19, 2013


It’s that song drifting in your ear,
It’s the pattern swirling in your drink,
Where only you can see, only you can hear
You shake your head in disbelief,
You pinch yourself to spur relief,
Yet it won’t stop and it won’t end,
There’s no use in trying, no sense to pretend
Because no matter what it is that you think
There’s something more out there for you
And no matter what won’t disappear
One day soon, something better will appear
And the greatest thing of all, is that until you take the leap,
You’ll never know if it’s truth, in what your intuition speaks

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Firecracker—soda pop—routine quenching of the mortal verb, Blissful bullet-points banter about the pre-pre-lingual pause—submerging aftertaste in the grandeur of the plunge

Addictive trinkets of euphoric punch—punctuating the blistered awakenings found atop the ridges of the bridge—where with it’s carbonated siege, all pleasures are revealed—as possible and real