Friday, August 30, 2013

Shoulder Of The Road

I’m at the shoulder of the road,
Meters past the vibratory bumps,
Inching towards,
Where the wheels and lamps align,
Sidled up, parallel as can be,
Beside the painted lines,
Under the lamps that hang,
And here,
Where gravel and grass unite
I watch the flash of life speed by

The eyes focus as long as they may,
Until either the darkness overtakes the
Landscape, or another pirates my line of sight

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Disheveled Ignorance

Lines blur as energies emancipate,
Time becomes just an artifact clinging to the nail,
While we are all made of flesh and red is the
Color of blood, the hand of the present hour darkens the premise that commingles with the air…

Mankind is blue on the inside…

Stereotypes distort the freedom our forefathers so selflessly fought for…

Castes depress the potential from perhaps the most brilliant of minds… but never mind…do not be concerned, with that does not defect you….keep on blinking…as innocence is belied…forced to till the fields at dawn…until sweat merges with the blood of the never spawned…

Platelets…meshing in skewered coercion
Marrow…corroding reality, separating the sinew from the bones broken during a midday matinee…in dream…we flail

Yet we are capable of so much more…more than shaking ourselves clean and clear…we are leagues better than those that witness the warped branches of the abhorred…perhaps even smiling as we avert our eyes

And then from those trees, where no leaf shall ever grow again, we may sigh…wondering where the breath begins…

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Fraudulent Decay

For an otherwise
Uninspired world.

Stagnation mates with ennui,
Trigger offends frame.
Desperation reeks of fear
Grinning in contempt
We all do
Some late, some soon,
Some in peace,
And then there are the others,
Those that will eventually find themselves
Prematurely exhumed
Or dispatched as they’ve lived,

A fraudulent canvass is a canvass nonetheless

Monday, August 19, 2013

Trouble Making Sense

A flagrancy of purpose
Bestowed upon the bountiful beyond
A vanishing, surrendered
While editing the epithet of man

              Visualize some far off place
              A palace without the aftertaste
              An Eden without the snakes
              An apple for your troubles
              A dagger for your dreams
So much, so little, so what?
Well…. as to that, I guess,
We shall see

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Infernal Curiosity

Got an itch, got an itch
Fire-red brightly shines
Like a shock of culture in a
Numbing state—Quake
Erupt, embellish the truth and
Watch it rust, flash to dust
Watch it rust, flash to dust

Nightly neon, galactic dolls
Shake their triumphs down the halls
Broken record, playing loud
Blasting forward, dismissing sound
Got an itch, got an itch
Scratching the fever from beneath the skin
Digging deep, deep down in
Digging deep, deep down in

Flamethrower, nitro-sun, blazing bright, blazing bright
Elapsed inferno, tin-tied tongue, shedding light, shed it’s light
Conflagrating fire, burning flames within
Heat is rising; sky’s ablaze, blackening earth, searing skin
Waiting on salvation, praying, that this bug’s been tamed
Waiting for salvation, hoping it’ll end this infernal pain

Temperatures are rising; smokescreen’s filling frame
Hoping for a flashflood, a drowning man’s beckoned
Hoping for a flashflood, to quench the thirst this fire’s sprung
Praying for the rain to come, MAKE IT RAIN, MAKE IT RAIN

To wash away temptation, to alleviate the flames
To damper down the charring and drench the thirst we crave
Douse and spin, Douse and spin
Heaviest downpour, Ferocious wind
Takes away the fire, absolves us from the sin

All comes to a standstill, a silent time for all
Everything’s grown quiet, no motion, no more calls
But it only takes one spark to smolder
Just one drop to light another, to ignite and stir
The accelerant at play, erupting forth, riling up flame’s astray
All to burn and burn again—for mankind’s fire’s yet been slain