The Series, Sets and Collections


1.   Capricorn
2.   Aquarian
3.   Pisces
4.   Aries
5.   Taurus
6.   Gemini
7.   Cancer
8.   Leo
9.   Virgo
10.  Libra
11.  The Scorpion
12.  Sagittarius


1.   Vol. I.    An Attack By Dwarves
2.   Vol. II.   The Battle of Chalice Peak
3.   Vol. III.  Many Moons Removed/Word Comes From The Village
4.   Vol. IV.   Within The Lair of a Winged Fiend
5.   Vol. V.    Betrayed By Swine
6.   Vol. VI.   Alms For The Broken
7.   Vol. VII.  The Bridge: An Historical Overview From Past to Present
8.   Vol. VIII. A Journey's Renewal
9.   Vol. IX.   Beneath Frozen Fields
10. Vol. X.     Into The Dragon's Lair
11. Vol. XI.   Apocalypse Must Wait  
12. Helten's Song (Song of Remorse and Joy)
13. Haiku (Outtake)
14. Holders of The Sky (Outtake) 
15. For Dragon's Blood ( Not In Mythic Series, but Closely Related)
16. Remorse of A Giant ( Not In Mythic Series, but Closely Related)
17. A Revolt Against Sleeping Sirens (Not In Series, but Related)
18. A Brother Fallen (Mythic Series Insert 4-5)
19. Adumblah (Not in Mythic Series, but Related)
20. A Compendium of Mythical Relevance (Not in Series, but Related)
21. A Will Transformed (Song One: A Song Of Vengeance)


1. Stained Brick (Volume I)
2. Slicker (Volume II)
3. One Transgression (Volume III)
4. Visions From Another Place (Volume III. Subset 1)
5. Before The Aftershock (Series Prequel)


1. Relics of The War Past Lost (Volume I.) 
2. Cleaning Crew (Volume II.)
3. Mortar Fire and The Sound of Independence (Volume III.)


1. It Seemed So Real at The Time (Number One)
2. A Line Must Be Drawn, So I Beg Of You To Draw Away (Number Two)
3. Feverish (Number Three)
4. Delusions Glandular (Number Four)
5. Trees (Number Five)
6. An Unexpected Fable (Postscript Vision One)
7. Issues With Adaptability (Postscript Vision Two)
8. Centralized Scarring (Postscript Vision Three)

COLORS, The Series

1.  Blue

2.  Red

3.  Orange

4.  Purple

5.  Yellow

6.  Green

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