Thursday, March 10, 2011

Issues with Adaptability (Hallucination Postscript Vision Two)

Since Sanity took control of the frontal lobe,
Annunciation is pronounced
Vocabulary has regained function
Yet the walls have gone barren
Enjoyment’s become a luxury,

White coats, red boots
What once was, never leaves entirely
The unspoken self is still with me

Alive and well
Over the moat
And into some distorted spelling bee
Where all the words are agricultural,
I correctly nailed the silo
And the bale of hay
But when it got to irrigation
The fluidity escaped me

Who I was and why I’m not
 The function, of a product
I never wanted, that was thrust onto me
In my lap, in my every listened word
So I changed, to what they wished for me
I gave up an identity to be left alone

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