Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mediating The Life on Hold

Objectivity is rather easy when two outside forces are at some type of odds with each other, and you, the stranger caught in the middle of some strange melee, is called in to mediate, moderate, muddle through, in the hopes of creating an atmosphere conducive to prosperous forward moving non-legal litigation.  The bottom line however is more likely that these two forces are going to tear each others teeth out with the most primitive objects they can get their hands upon, and you, little old you, are supposed to be someone who can accomplish this herculean feat, all under the guise of neutrality.
You pride yourself as toeing the line
Tippy toe, soft and slow,
How far can you go?
You conduct yourself in the style of whatever is currently acceptable,
                                                                “He’s the type of guy who’ll tell you like it is”
“But then he’ll tell you how it should be, and what you’ve got to do to get there”
                                “Yeah, I’m a walking testimonial, this dude rocks”
Bright and shiny coins rest at the bottom of a wishing pool,
The mermaid statue is white porcelain, spitting water,
In a perfected arch, naturally perfect all the time,
The Ascent,
Economical decline sees many suffer,
Darkened suits of those responsible still linger,
Temperature is infected, and it does rise, and rise,
The descent,
A wake up call,
Words on hold,
Into the pool of your future wake
A blast of air reignites
The senses numbed from fright,
The splashdown, your return to your idled life,

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