Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Logbook Undated & Incomplete

7:15        Parking Lot          Third and Main
Daylight:           Optimal
Temperature:    Severe
Traffic pattern:  Starting to form
People:              Only the target
Description:      Blue Hooded Sweatshirt, Unidentified insignia, Knit hat, surprisingly no coat or boots

7:56        Paralegal              Joseph and Gwendolyn
Daylight:            NA
Temperature:    Mild
Traffic pattern:  NA
People:              Three women, middle aged, two with glasses, one without.  All three women appear
                          To be working through very large assortments of paper on their respective desks
Description:       No Further Details Provided

8:35        Taco Stand          Main and Tiger
Daylight:             Dim
Temperature:      Bitter
Traffic Pattern:    Few
People:                None
Description:        NA

11:15     Tennis Courts    Lake Estates
Daylight:            None
Temperature:     Freezing
Traffic Pattern:  None
People:              One
Description:       Female, early teens.  Blond, Blood Pool, no movement

Edit:      Traffic Pattern:  Two Police Cars
              People:              Four Officers, Three Male, One Female
              Description:      Weapons drawn, pointed at me
End of recording

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