Friday, March 18, 2011


A mere convergence at a central point,
Details fell like heated plates
First greeting the barest flesh,
Distraction always prevent the completion of the task,

When first we spoke it was by phone
The next was on a plane,
You came back while I rode coach,
What first was brief became protract,

Initially we conversed in verbs and nouns,
Then came exchanges of happiness and frowns,
And then the language changed into something new,

You came to me, and I to you,
For advice, with questions on what there was to do,
Eventually spoken answers were replaced,
At which point all it took was a look or two,

There’s not always everything within something,
But there’s always something within everything,

If you tell it often enough, you’ll believe anything,
If you don’t then who out there will?

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