Monday, March 28, 2011

Zygote Denied

Today I heard the brightest news,
From inside of me,

The ability to create,

From all the tattered time,

Spent withered in dismay,

Something bright has aligned with me,

If only you shared my glee,
If only you’d stand here with me,

My words bounce off your metallic shell,

You scream the choice is hers,

I wouldn’t know, I’m not she,

Months of feudal warfare,
Were futile,

I never stood a chance,

Why’d she tell me?

How could she have thought I’d agree?

Then came the day,
The day I dare not speak,

A zygote denied, a chance to live, to state it’s case for life,

A pockmark upon a once stainless sheet,

A beauty I once would have died,

Now comes to me, with a piece of paper in her hand,

Handing to me, to which I scan,

And raise me hand, but withdraw,

She speaks completely out of measure,

My look must now bring her pleasure,

What’s become of my treasure?

The one I cherished above all heavens,

For her this moment,

This time to think,

I’d split the cost and we’d start anew,

There was but one thing I could do,

Told her the direction she someday would travel,

And slam the door upon this matter

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