Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Line Must Be Drawn, So I beg of you to Draw Away (Hallucination Number Two)

For the mind hell bent on alliteration,
I offer an omen of shingles and pinpricks
Junipers and chin-lifts, words in English meant for Japanese,

You mask façade with polka dots, diamond rings and trinkets bright and shiny,
To paint smiles upside down, upside down again
Accessorizing brilliantly as walls collide with walls to be
The floor it craves the comfort of the stucco latent spiked ceiling you’ve become,
Above and below, the shackles and the coals
From ember to white hot heat, festering the cockroach beneath
Seemingly it has since connived a way, a burrowing in, perhaps thoroughly deep it dreams
Bribery must have been the tract of choice, breaching through the pore line into this uninvited scenery,

Faces swirl like midnight happenstances, puffy thoughts conjure clouds of apprehension,
Breaking bread with so many, so confined to learn their secrets in such proximity,
A xanax would serve me well, as mouth waters from the spell of self tainted chardonnay,

Troubadour guard me now, with your words, with that voice you use,
My merriment is, tonight your sacred cow, that inspiration from above,
Believe in what you must, whatever method you best trust,
Wipe me clean, spotless to the untrained eye, do your best, perjure if you must,
For sinful tactics please dispel, make no credence of the urchins serenade
Cast aside the indiscretions you may have heard,
Remove the attraction that this magnet does
Please create the copy properly and sell it, sell it so very well

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