Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Complete

Sometimes I feel the games been done,
Over with now a long, long time,

Which means there either sadistic,

How they watch me wriggle,

See the effort I embrace,

Make me exert when the

Notion of accomplishment

Has long since left the guise,

Or perhaps they simply don’t have the humanity within,

To stop me cold before I swing again,

And let me know the game is complete,

Therefore I have no reason left to complete,

But if they had honored me in such a way,

I’d still swing away until I managed to beleaguer through,

I’d probably still be there,

Much longer than they could surmise,

Keep swinging impassioned,

Long after that point they close their eyes,

Shut the windows and say good night,

I’ll be there front and center,

In their dreams, swinging still

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