Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Will Transformed (Mythic Series (Song One: Song Of Vengeance))

The tracks are fresh,
Their scent is ripe,

My revenge will be had this night,

The falling white has yet to cover,
The wounded trail for which they suffer,

Soon this will all be over,

Years of scorn bubbling under,
The time is nigh, come asunder,

This eve lines shall cross,

Blood shall flow in every cost,

They can’t be far,
I can feel their fear,

Hiding deep and running scared,

My presence they too can feel,

They know I’m here,

And the time for forgiveness has long been lost,

Any softening of what could have been,

Resonates through each of these scars,

Aware they are of things to come,
Plead they can, beg for what will not occur,

And they shall try to evade again,

But tonight I will not miss, this day meet we will,

And the end will be much the same,

As it began and so it shall fall,

Only one survives,

Only one will conquer,

And if it is I to live,

I will not live an heir to grieve,

If I fail in my only desire,

Rest assured this will not end upon my grave,

For my ghost shall haunt forever,

Whether awake or dream

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