Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Consecration of a Fallen Man

Back me into a corner,
For lack of power I’ve transposed,

For lack of will I’ve succumbed,

From talisman to the snake bitten and embattled shell of one

Now acknowledgment displays to me,

The ignorance of the righteous man

Oxygen escaping the throat,
Resurrection of the rule proposed,

I’m the effigy I’ve grown to be,

A false proclamation of immediacy,

Where distraction settles,
Distraction dwells,

No longer is strength a matter

When the subconscious is involved,

Back me to that corner,
Until the sky is dim

The air less warmer,

Hold me down until submission,

Before I burn, I first do blister

Movements of the martyred man,
Paths paved in solace,

Past deeds shoved, to the wayside,

Awaiting approval, anticipating a decisive claim to be,

Directions carved in stone and sand,

Directives honest and direct,

Where even the weakest can reflect;

Where even the smartest can respect,

Without hubris’ burdening,

You now see what I should have long ago,

Here I am, now standing still,

Before you now I reveal to you,

The consecration of a fallen man

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