Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alligator Vixen

An alligator vixen calls to you,
Her inflated stare enamors you,
The nonchalance entices you,
Magnetizing eyes draw you close,
So very near,
Through teeth
Intention’s unveiled,

So close, reassuring by your side,
Crawling tightly,
Through the bone flesh hides,

Somehow your malady releases her hold,
Her grip allows you slide from it,
If you escape she won’t cry,
Yet she smiles in witnessing the path you chose,
Following slowly, with the swagger of a tail,
Coyly tracking the draining part of you,

Under duress,
Life flashes fast,
In each direction,
The mind retreats,
Looks back, then repeats,
A once proud instinctual sort,
Now hobbles back and forth,
Yet you move, albeit weakly,
The stagger tells a lot of you,

Dizzy like the disco ball,
Balance outward and inward,
Confuse direction with its blurry sight,

To the stars,
You pray will take you home,
For a place you’ve lived all your time,
This hour you cannot recall how far,
You’ve yet to go,
The distance,
The retracting,
Outracing a crawling friend

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