Friday, March 18, 2011

Rules of this Game

Every day is like the one before,
No new trinkets, same old doors,

The sounds are all the same to me,
Rehashed words, overused slang

All thoughts displayed in flashback,
Memories on hiatus,
Thoughts deposed,
Emotions numb at best,

How do you change course mid-way through?
Do you stop and think it out?
Should you abruptly change directions and turnabout?
Is it possible to even understand?
If only there was a reset button close at hand,
If only there were roadmaps for things like this,

How do you alter your perception?
Does it matter if all those thoughts were elaborate deceptions?
How do you plug a leak?
How do you strengthen one so weak?
Is it possible even to explain?
If only there was a mulligan in this game,
If only, a long ways back, someone, anyone, would have explained, the rules to this game.

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