Saturday, January 19, 2013

Affranto In Tempi Solitari (Distraught In Lonely Times)

Troppo spesso si dimentica piano.
Come scalare i picchi della vita e dirupi,
Senza un senso di piacere,
Sogni semplicemente scadere
Con ogni impronta spesi.

I nostri sogni e le speranze,
Diventa ossessionato, come tesori
Consumato da una inestinguibile fiamma di un incendio
Passione sempre abbassamenti-
Corda sfilacciata tempo mai bruciante di

Ogni passo diventa un cappio-ready made,
Spietato e privo di desiderio
Per cui le onde dimissioni la sua bandiera.
Bianco si specchia negli occhi del reciso,
Per sempre cosparso da pensieri tradito

Come la diga esplode
L'inondazione inizia, in primo luogo a scatti, poi in Jaguar,
Smorzamento tutto: tutte le misure
Per una volta che abbiamo cospirato- Lasciando noi galleggiante, nudo ed esposto


Too often footing is forgotten
As we scale life’s peaks and crags,
Without a sense of pleasure,
Dreams simply expire
With each imprint spent.

Our dreams and hopes
Become obsessed, like treasures
Consumed by an unquenchable flame—a fire
Passion invariably sags—
Ever searing time’s frayed rope

Each step becomes a noose—ready made,
Unforgiving and void of desire—
To which resignation waves it’s flag.
White is mirrored in the eyes of the severed,
Forever doused by thoughts betrayed

As the dam explodes
The flooding starts, first in spurts, then in jags,
Dampening everything—all the measures
To which we once conspired—
Leaving us floating naked and exposed

Join me today at D'Verse.  I'll be hosting Poetics and thought we'd explore poetry through the use of foreign language.  For my piece, I decided to use the Italian language, as it's one of my favorite to read. Everything in Italian just sounds perfect, even when the words are but words you cannot define.  

Also, I was busy the other night and never got around to posting to the Form-For-All post Gay presented to us on Karousel's and Weaves.  I chose to use the Karousel, but unfortunately the rhyme scheme didn't translate into Italian, so the Karousel is seen in the Translation here.  


  1. italian is such a beautiful's so passionate and strangely calming as well...enjoyed reading through the italian even though i didn't understand all the words..just the feeling is so beautiful

  2. nice...ha...was rather fun to read through the first...glad you gave a translation though...the unquenchable all consuming...plays well with when that dam breaks...ugh, what then are you left with you know...i have been there and had to that you did it to a karousel as well...

  3. I'm working on a geography project with my youngest, so the footing peaks and crags, dams and floods are right on spot. Enjoyed it!

  4. An amazing achievement, Fred, to not only write in Italian but to do an English translation in Karousel form!

  5. Wow, Fred. I kind of went to the same place with the loneliness, but wow! I don't speak Italian but like you said, the sounds are so exquisite and your translation! Another wow!

  6. Fred, you are talented, learned and brave. I would never try to write a poem of such depth and diversity of words in another language. I think I've only written one in Spanish, and that's my first language. You did a marvelous job here.

  7. I agree, to write in another language is a gem ~

    I also appreciate the Karousel form, specially the last two stanzas ~ Very well penned Fred ~

  8. I can't manage long verses in a foreign language but can follow short burst of french and italian with some effort.

    Thank you for the wonderful challenge and beautiful poetry...

  9. Seeing your Italian poem makes it more obvious why so many of our rhyming poetry forms derive form either Italian or French.

    I, too, appreciated the translation - although the feel of the original on the tongue is fabulous, except when I stumbled and got the pronunciation badly wrong!

  10. ...Fred, i'm already drawn to reading your poem in italiano...i coudn't stop now...there's something in it that keeps on telling me to read it again and again and again...and with some movements of my hand while facing front the mirror...soo elegante and fabuloso... Gustong gusto ko talagang matutunan ang italian language at french pero mahirap...nasubukan ko na before but di kinaya ng dila ko...hehe... Salamat (thanks) for the poem...smiles...

    1. Sweet. Thanks for the bonus Kelvin. Talagang matutunan and nasa bukan ko na- awesome sound to those words. Thanks so much for sharing this here, really glad you did. Thanks.

    2. ...haha..walang anuman Fred... Nagustuhan ko talaga ang topic sa pub ngayon...nakakatuwang basahin ang iba't ibang lengwahe ng mga lumahok sa pub... sana makasulat ako balang araw ng isang tula na purong Tagalog...hehe..salamat ulit...

      ('re welcome Fred... I really enjoyed the topic at the Pub today... It's really fun to read the various languages linked at the Pub... I hope someday i can write a poem in pure Tagalog...hehe...thanks again...)


  11. I just loved your prompt today, Fred, and your poetry is an added bonus. Thanks for the translation, too. The expiration of dreams is always a cause for sadness :(

  12. Italian is a gorgeous language for rhyming poetry. I got the gist, but was very grateful for the delightful translation.

  13. What a great opening, 'too often footing is forgotten'. That captures so much for me and to write it out in Italian too, wonderful. Thank you for such a wonderful prompt this week Fred.

  14. my favorite word there is Smorzamento, funny cuz that's the least sing-songy of all the words you use, and the BEST thing about Italian is the vowels you can embelish if you are a dramatic soprano!!

    Bichon Frise

  15. lovely ;)...and sad...dreams that expire ;( went to a lot of work for this!

  16. I don't know Italian Fred but it breathes passion in the same way French breathes romance.

    Your English translation (in Karousel form) speaks its own language of lost hope and sinking into depression.

    Excellent Fred.

    Anna :o]

  17. `dreams simply expire`

    beautiful and sad

  18. I am so IMPRESSED. Sorry David didn't see this. He was so generous with his time. Excellent poem in both languages. I love the Karousel. I'm thinking of using the weave in my next one. Thanks for the article today. I think I should have tried something else, but I'd had this idea for a while.

  19. Agree with Victoria - Another Wow! I love Italian and am amazed that someone can write a poem in a second language, much less a relatively formal one. Well done. k.

  20. Amazing how one thing looks so much like jibberish to me and then it makes perfect sense later on. Awesome how you could do it in both languages too.

  21. I don't know Italian, but enjoyed "reading" through the poem anyway. Really liked the English version. Despite the "happy" in my blog name, I'm a believer in "expiring dreams" and "flooded fires," this poem spoke to me.

  22. Very impressive using form as well. I like the music and rhythm of this poem.

  23. A wonderful Karousel, and it's nice to read in Italian, though not sure I am sounding it out right. My son and I sometimes try to read out loud the instructions for things in the different languages... it's fun to hear and try. Great prompt.

  24. Yes the Italian language is beautiful. I'm very impressed that you wrote this in Italian! "I nostri sogni e le speranze" so true! :)

  25. Italian is a cool definietly painted a lingering picture with your words...ONE::

  26. stare nudi ed esposti, quando l'inondazione inizia.... mi piace :)

  27. i wish i could speak a second language!

    your poem looked beautiful even though i didn't understant it.

    great prompt, by the way!

  28. Italian ~ cool ~ a different sort of prompt today, Fred, thank you for it :)

  29. Lovely, prompt and poem and universal feel of the sounds and themes of the day. I only speak one language and have a limited vocabulary at that. Education inthe USA today could do more to make us citizens of the world.

    Thank you do much for this richly imaged reminder to enjoy the steps and not just the destination.

  30. That was beautiful. I'm a fan of the Italian language in sort of a musical way - as a musician (piano, clarinet, guitar)it just plain stirs me like listening to a great classical piece. Perhaps it's my love of opera. Between speaking Swedish, English fluently and my high school Spanish, I could pick out about every tenth word. Glad you gave a translation. Awesome piece. One of my favorites in my travels the last two nights.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  31. so beautiful.. and reading the posts for this prompt do inspire me to learn Italian/French as well..

  32. Thanks for translating... intense poem with a strong message... growing stronger even in the font sizes! Thanks for dropping by, Fred. = )

  33. la tua poesia triste e acquoso guarda bene in italiano =)

  34. Italian is so beautiful - it is like music. It reminds me now of the Italian movie I watched a long time ago - Il Postino. The language feels like butter in the mouth.

    The translated poem is intense, as your poems are. :-)

  35. Each step becomes a noose... vivid!