Saturday, June 30, 2012


In the air—
Venus, the lover
tips the scales

Justice and discernment
are dealt in time, as
greens, purples and pink
overcoat the ever present number six

“There are decisions to be made,” said the Libra, a belief, Justice keeps alive, lighting the paths they need to find inside

With an air of grace
Libran, even the unattractive kind,
have a natural beauty built within

Charming and co-operative
sociable, idealistic and brilliant
in their diplomacy, the Libran
will take part in arguments and disputes,
yet will not raise their temper or alter
demeanor due to differences in opinions
And beliefs, instead
they choose the route of
the negotiator, peacemaker,
facilitator and mediator, granting
them their trust to amicably, but
correctly still, solve any disputes
they hap upon

The fence is not a jumping point,
these people have too much dignity
to banter in such frivolity and trivial
underpinning, again, instead they take
up an ever-familiar tract of belief, in that
mediators and negotiators and all they
offer and supply, are incomparably
beneficial as seen through the Libran eye

Decisions are quite difficult for a Libran to make…they are
the type of person who will sit at a restaurant for overly
extended periods of time and still are not capable of making
A choice of entrée, often allowing the waiter or their company to
make or collaborate in the eventual choice that’s made

The Libran children are often those who stay in school for years past acceptable lengths, ever switching majors, afraid that a singular choice of commitment will wind up limiting their abilities and happiness in the future tense

This idea is seen in virtually all aspects of the Libran’s life, none more than their difficulty to find love…yet, as in other cases, once they make a choice, or have an eventually agreeable choice thrust upon them, they rarely have problems sustaining the relationship…

In love, Librans, with all things considered, rarely have difficulty attracting partners, it’s the choices they must make that hind the onset…and when committed, they are some of the most generous people one could encounter, which facilitates beautifully to the constructs of relationships.  They are incredible listeners, able to devote their every sense to their partner, a trait which can not be undersold, as it is perhaps the greatest quality in a loving and mature partnership, a major reason for why marriages and relationships go south as time flaps by…perhaps it’s out of boredom or being too familiar with another, but it’s documented how listening is the first major trait that goes awry and needs practical rebuilding, if the union hopes to stand any chance of continuance

A final aspect in regard to Libran love, is how the peaceful and non-confrontational man or woman, will in fact, when in a committed relationship where they have a strong feeling that this particular relationship is the one, or one seemingly built to last, stir up senseless arguments, provoking antagonistic behaviors, simply to test their partner and what kind of reactions are conjured, to which they then, assess said responses and move forward from that point…so, if you’re in a seemingly strong relationship with a Libra, and they start picking fights with you, smile, as the are tipping their hat, as to how important your union means to them, stay levelheaded, stay respectful and hopefully things stay the way you both desire after the confrontation has concluded

During the Libra’s cycle, some very important dates present themselves: on September 26th, we see the birthday of the perfection seeker while on the 25th, we see the birthday of complexity and then, on October 16th, we arrive at the birthday of the breakthrough…what could be better or easier to understand than that, a day, where even the Libra will have little difficulty to decide upon 


The Hermit is composed with inner strength.
Yellow, green and brown shade coloring
Earth is the element at hand
While Mercury, the great communicator again
Rules the Virgin’s planetary alignment
Five, a precious number for a group that’s
Almost always believing in “busy is better than bored.”

Hard-working and considerate, are typical attributes of a Virgo, but their greatest is their uncanny ability to get to the bottom or root of problems, finding the missing link or whatever is necessary to eventually resolving whatever the matter of hand that needs solving is.

Their affection for detail can be seen throughout every part of their lives—
From their relationships to working lives, often overly orderly,
Really into aesthetics and décor…

The Virgo’s love knowledge and because of their need for details, often seek out the answers to many of the things they come across in life, whether it’s relative to their own situation or not…it becomes a healthy addiction, yet, even so, it can get out of hand, growing to an all-consuming endeavor, hindering who they are in the process…

The Virgo is typically a multi-talented person, again drawing upon their ability to find resolution and to seek out processes and detailed information, which once learned, it only makes sense, that new talents may spring forth

Losing sight of the bigger picture, being overly talkative, and not realizing they’ve lost their audience are some of the larger negatives this group often shows…

But their darkest problem resides in their ability to consume information and to excel at problem solving…because of these positive attributes, the Virgo can be seen as a person that is very critical of others, who simply cannot keep up or are lacking in their understanding of ideas that come easily to the Virgo themselves…they can then move to a state of nagging, trying to make everyone into their ideal image, one that’s based, most often, on an impossibly attainable high standard….They don’t consciously attempt to act in such mannerisms, yet it too often turns out as such, which is due to something that rests deep within their darkest fears…they work so hard at learning, solving, finishing and managing details and problems, it is a thought, that they do this because they are filled with a terror inside, one that makes them feel as if they constantly has to prove themselves, again and again and again, for they truly believe, they are simply not good enough, are not worth the salt they earn and in such a problem, it is likely that other problems then stem from the like.

This lack of confidence is the Virgo’s biggest obstacle to overcome, when searching for love—
A love, that for many Virgos, can not be found—
         In those cases where love is found, it is prone to crumble, as partners, for the most part, do not take consistent nagging and criticism well, when it is delivered consistently over extended periods of time—the intent eventually becomes irrelevant and the relationships grow to a doomed state….
         The successful Virgos in love, are committed, dedicated individuals that treat love as another problem they must overcome…and quite frequently, perhaps as a result of such an attitude, these Virgos seem to make a concerted effort at learning to love and appreciate themselves, which of course, has overwhelming powerful qualities built within.  And therefore, even more so than their partners, they become their own greatest obstacle to overcome, as without addressing the problem alive in their persons, they have no hope of success…

Friday, June 29, 2012


One is the loneliest number...but in it, the Sun shines upon the individual, providing the strength and passion of lion and it’s mighty roar…

Yellow and Orange, Fire and Sun
Shining strong, living every life
To it’s fullest moment

Thus the tale of Leo’s begun:

Bringers of life, energetic and attaching
Buzz to every place they go, in everything
They do

With results like this, often stirring early
In one’s developmental years, a comedian
Can become the Leo, creating someone
Other’s don’t respect in the manner that the Lion
Deserves, or even more likely, a jokester is the
Only way they are seen…a disappointment for the
King of beasts

They like to be the centers of attention, often
Creating scenes to do just that…rarely ever do they
Act in a selfish manner, but instead, believe that by
Being the hub of activity, they are able to spread their
Joy to the most, at each and every moment…an idea that
Can spawn false associations and even severe implications on

But the lion never gets down, and virtually never will you find
A Leo with a sadsack gloom built upon it’s face….

Leo’s are: 
                  creative and brave,
energetic and enthusiastic,
                           Generous and unusually resourceful,
Positive and Upbeat,
         Far-sighted and efficient,
                  Able to consistently work toward bright futures and to
Overcome the steepest of obstacles in their paths

Yet, despite the positivity atop the Leo’s face
         Bossiness and ego-driven demeanors, in some cases can
Infiltrate this Lion’s cage…

Prideful and boasting, traits that mask a surprisingly found low self-opinion, where a lack of confidence is desperately craving attention and praise—praise where the truth behind the words matter not, as an ego pat can be what the Leo is looking for, to which they can devour such compliments all too fast, thus ever demanding such prideful praise…attached to this negative attribute, they can get very defensive if someone calls them out on something that they said or did…most people don’t do this though, as their intentions are almost always seen in a positive manner and most folks don’t like to damper good intentions with the pettiness involved in correction…yet some do just this, and the Lion can gain his roar in such cases, as it really doesn’t appreciate being opposed, and being so sensitive to criticism, they can, after the spat, lose their ability, albeit typically briefly, to light up a room, and instead, spend some time coalescing from their damaged ego, in a state all too low….another of the cases where feeling then perpetuate feelings and a vicious cycle, if allowed to spin and spin, can detrimentally grow…into the Leo most of us never know…

Leos, In love, can appear in a variety of types…you have the one-side, love to be praised and hear yourself talk type…then there are those seemingly only attracted to the kind of mates that are wrong, bad or evil, a failed experiment from the get-go, yet some, especially the younger Leo’s, too often fall upon such bad habits and only until they get burnt several times, do they ever grow out of this affinity for such negative relations.

Almost all Leo’s prefer their partners to be quieter than themselves…they like to be the one in charge of a relationship and the decisions couples must make, from the simple choices to the most difficult challenges, they like, and often need, to be the one in control.  There’s always a loving and playful side to the Lion, and in addition, they are completely susceptible to flattery, seduction, charms and sex…Good wine can set their mood, loyalty is key, yet they do typically have the tendencies to guide their hearts in idealistic means, a detriment or so it does certainly seem. 


“When it’s safe, I’ll come out of my shell”
Indigoes, whites and smoky greys
Paint the Cancer’s hue displayed

Two is the number that defines
The relationship of the crab
To water and moon

As cards face the mystic dealer,
A Chariot of resiliency is here
Then found

Cancerians are emotional, intuitive and sympathetic,
They also tend to be imaginative, loving
And motivated by the pursuit of happiness in life, as
Happy people are better to be around, light up the soul with
An incredible light, and are more productive in every composite
Avenue that comprises the very essence of a synergistic happy-life

This group is extremely compassionate, and nurturing
By nature, caring for the care alone, to make others feel as
If they are loved and that they should always feel as if they were at ease, living as one does when comfortably a-rest at home

Cancerians love to laugh, and it’s infectious sound elates a room, distinctive, welcoming, ever hoping to paint the atmosphere, with a cheer that spawns the laughter of many others more

The Crab’s take a lot of weight, they kind only Atlas can truly bear.  They may feel as if it’s their sole responsibility to overextend themselves, to love and spread their love to all, everywhere…but when a mission goes awry, they can get moody and misunderstanding of the situation at hand…they may feel jilted as if their efforts are taken for granted, and arguments can thus appear, and in so doing the antithesis become of the scene they initially strove for, creating a cycle of decline that only repeats this moodiness of despair

Cancerians can often take the martyred approach, only living for others, sacrificing all they have and more…and while admirable in many lights, this lifestyle can be very taxing upon the crab themselves…for only living to help others, oftentimes, in most cases, the one that gets ignored, winds up being their own selves

With a tough outer shell, in spite of their personalities and deep-seeded propensity to help and care for others, unfortunately a world that is preprogrammed to heed first impressions and to live and choose attraction towards those things that are aesthetically pleasing, the Cancer is overlooked, and prejudiced against before they ever have a chance to share their gifts with the individual.

If you are a supreme worrier, you may have Cancerian roots deep in your makeup, for this group comprise the chief worriers of the zodiac, “never happy unless their worrying about something.”  This appearance is logical when considering what they are shooting for in life, as caring and worrying are intrinsically connected and in so doing, that part of the personality these traits do share….yet, too much worry, can lead to the negative cycle too, so what is a crab to do, a question that can make the cancerian to worry even more

The notion of Home, is of supreme importance to this group.  Home is not simply a place where one lives, but is the house that holds all that you are.  Therefore, any disruption to this sense of home, can easily create a rift of emotional distress, until the sacredness of home is once again restored