Friday, June 22, 2012

Embracing Terrain

A rumbling thumbnail sketch of
vitreous terrain forms the prevailing
conjecture of my every sight and sound

Rolling through-lines and adaptable
curriculum is sprinkled from the green
growths of the vibrant fields to the dark
and sinister woods of isolated thought

Ripples summon to the creatures
dwelling deep below the surface blue

Viewed from afar,
the skyline appears
as if, it's entirely superimposed

Yet when it is all up close,
the formation of sight,
is unlike any vision to appear,
whether in pristine forecast or
as impressed through the semblance
of dream

Embraced from within,
the atmosphere shimmers
with all the amulets and
protective spells one could
ever dare to go without

A blossoming invitation
begets the intention of a
midday moon, revealing
all the intricate tendencies
the creator ever chose
to expose

For Meeting The Bar at D'Verse, where Victoria offers this weeks prompt of Place and Setting in Poetry.  Whether in Poetry or Prose, Fiction or Non-Fiction, I've always loved encountering pieces in where the settings seemed to have their own live's and presences, and in so, becoming an additional character in the process.  Head on over to D'Verse and see the settings come to life.  While there, if so inspired, write a poem that really emphasizes the place and setting, and then share with the poets at D'Verse.


  1. The penultimate stanza gets my vote. It and the rest of the poem strike me as set apart from any other I have read. The otherness is the sort of otherness I appreciate.

  2. smiles...great close...i think if you look close enough you will find many touches of the creator on all HEr things...very magical write sir...

  3. Fred- Some powerful lines throughout, especially "dark
    and sinister woods of isolated thought" and I like how you awakened to the beauty around you.

  4. Bring to life the nature of life or vice versa too i suppose. Great mixture of the two.

  5. I get a feeling of an inner landscape stretching out here, Fred, and things from the subconscious rising to ripples under that midday moon we dream under...I especially like the way that first stanza just rolls, man--flawless flow, and the twist in that penultimate stanza is compelling. Thanks for the trip.

  6. ah you made me see...your words are a blossoming invitation as well..really well painted fred

  7. One of the things that really struck me was the phrase "vitreous terrain" and then how throughout your word-painting you evoke a wee sense of visual distortion: ripples, shimmers...enjoyed this a lot, Fred.

  8. great response tro the prompt... loving your 'midday moon' (I thought Americans used 'noon' rather than 'midday'? An American friend said that hehe)

  9. This is cool in the way that it moves from what I would call abstraction to a more concrete, though epiphanous moment. The first stanzas are much like seeing an assemblage of shapes, colors, thoughts somehow projected onto a canvas. As these combine and order into recognizable form, the sense of epiphany begins tontake shape as well. Talknabout being immersed in the environment! I can see why one might lportray nature in this way, deconstructing it so speak, thereby getting beyond cliches and other notions that filter how we see the world.

  10. I think you painted a world with this poem. The qualities of the world reveals the nature of the creator. What kind of terrains would we have on our world if our thoughts were used to create them? Awesome piece. Wonderful possibilities to imagine. :)