Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forever Far

So close, forever far
disjointed, fragmented shards—
all there ever seems to be

Unhinging every high we see
collapsing curtains of such fragility,
tapestries, ever locked unto mind

Distorting the truth, accepting fully each it’s many lies,
relentlessly altering each potential there’s yet to find—
never nearer, than that of a fallen star

So close, forever far


  1. The cat always likes the rhyme and surely not a crime. But yeah seems life is mostly this way no matter what we try, almost there but one little thing just fecks us up and back to forever far.

  2. never nearer than that of a fallen star... how big a distance... also the collapsing curtains.. always sad when there's such distance with someone we're so close..

  3. nice lamenting feel to this man...and nice touches in the fragility....and how it touches each potential future as well....

  4. deft melancholy fred... well crafted wax and wane
    illustrates meaning with a neat lull and the touch
    of a deep background pulling heavily on glimmering

    cheers fred