Friday, June 1, 2012

An Unhealthy Strain

I got the x-ray vision of a thermostat
Heat boiling over what temperature lacks
A wisdom laced with a mercurial flash

Flash-flood warnings and Frozen floes,
gushing fast it’s flush of sin
soaking swiftly, this pool I’m in

I got the fever with the chills, ague
Where clammy skin and frozen eyes
Never knowing how long or what’s to find

Coughing, breathing, wheezing-pain
Disrupting, stirring, accruing-vibrations
from lungs to cage, ever wondering what’s been done

I got the ringing, in my ears
signals steady before they clear
chiming harshly before the disappear

Vision blurs sights unseen
Tear-stains mar the rouge of cheek
Never gaining the answers this sickness seeks


  1.'s a metaphor...was already about to cook you some chicken soup you know.. smiles..would love if there were chicken soup to heal the sickness that is able to rob us off much more than our health... this has a very different flow compared to your other pieces fred... good work on the rhymes as well

  2. I had much the same response as Claudia above... a departure for you stylistically, somewhat, it feels like, and the metaphor is strong and all-pervasive. Like this one a lot man

  3. Such a place is never good whether sick or not, as life can be pain enough then add such more pain is just a well umm pain..hahaha..hate it, as it is just draining in every way.

  4. Nothing but to wait for it to pass. That sense of ringing in the ears is very unpleasant. Painful to read.

  5. Innovative, and soothing! Lovely! :)

  6. sounds uncomfortable state to be in. Hope you are feeling better soon my friend. Well writ on it. I can't write when I'm ill