Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sealing leaks/Retaining form

Scotch tape, pressed to fingerprint
covet every inch of dust
the skin didn’t know was ever
even there

Easels doused in the afterthought, of
sprinkled reflections that
mindset’s purge, out upon
so many wasted canvasses,
producing a diary the flesh
would just as soon ignore

They say a good fire will cleanse virtually anything
they say that a can of jolt cola can strip the metal from a coin
In thirty seconds flat
And I think
what then could it do
to a heart made of steel—
lifelessly cold and listlessly hardened

Masking tape, generously applied,
tries to conceal, yet in time, all beneath,
will in some form be revealed

The ink on the eleven by eight point five is not yet dry
before you’ve decided it’s phrase means nothing anymore
the vowels have all grown askew
into consonants, hard r’s, k’s and q’s
vocabulary you’ve always known
yet still dismissed, until
that red line draped across your page
As it’s always has—but now

You see a line of music
and have no idea how to play
the chords so prominently on display—and you can’t
decipher, the damage that could be done,
if anyone but yourself
stood but feet from the point
where this fire first began…

They say duct tape has a millions uses or more
yet sealing leaks and retaining form, I assume, will the one’s most remembered for


  1. nice....the jolt cola and the steel heart stanza ia wicked cool man...and the duct take at the end...along with some cleansing fire...will it do any good...might hold it together just a little bit longer...smiles...

  2. Wonderful how you use the different types of tape to built the intensity of your conceit. The steel heart and the ways to strip, cleanse, or cobble give me a lot to ruminate on. I particularly loved 'vowels grown askew into consonants' and the concept of the 'line of music you have no idea how to play'. It seems like many of our artistic revelations come in odd forms or in shapes that don't immediately reveal their usefulness. Anyway, I admire your work and appreciate the laugh you provided at my site today, always nice to lighten the atmosphere when I get a bout of melancholy.

  3. Quite the ummm stickiness to your words today that you display. Packing tape works better when you want things to stick too I say, duct tape may have a million uses but it is much easier to break free from, now try being tapped up in packing tape and get loose from that, not as I know from experience.

  4. That second stanza is just stunning. Wow!

  5. Clever and fascinating use of language. Well done.