Thursday, May 24, 2012

Broken Quilt

Broken quilt; collage expired
unraveling lines; frayed desire
the plaid fades
as thread’s strain

Mergers no longer connect
with the same associations,
memories no longer attach
themselves to what’s contained
in this reminder of context lost—
to whose representations
reveal life’s internal cost

Yet, a single inch of fabric
still, holds power—over
all of what’s welled up


  1. the good thing with quilts is that you can easily re-connect them again...take out the broken parts, fit a bit of new fabric in..wished it were so easy with life..and a single inch of fabrik still, hold does...fine write fred

  2. true...i love the hevy quilt i got from my mom...some of the meaning may be lost of what each patch is but it doesnt take but slipping under it to remember why i love it...

  3. Really beautiful Fred.

  4. I can feel the metaphor but lack the words to put it -- I do not quite know what the fabric that still holds is but I suspect it's the one thing that is central to leading one back to oneself if one should ever lose oneself to the world or another or get lost going down a wrong road. This one will stick in the mind.

  5. Yeah stitching away at the sands of time with one yank it can come undone or with one simple stitch another can be added, all depends on how we look at it and act I suppose.