Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Via Dolorosa

sides of pores                                                         Numbness
                                                                              stirs anew
lengths of skin
         Erratic tingling
danced askew
across \each synaptic

Black rise
fall down
fade away
Enflamed gaps
inciting fickle flesh
throb within/below                       
                                                               Biting lip,
clutch and grab
An ache so vast
impossible to
trace the lineage back
                                               Which direction
this via dolorosa
 choose as her last?

 Feels good to be back for OLN.  Missed last week and was going through withdrawal all week long.  The very talented Joe Hesch will be manning the bar tonight.  Head on over to D'Verse, get drunk on verse and while you're there, might as well step up to mic  and share a poem of your own.  Cheers


  1. this brought all kind of different pictures to my head...that via dolorosa that jesus had to go, carrying the cross...and those difficult ways each of us has to go at times..felt..

  2. huh intersting...christ walk or a difficult way...i looked it up and sometimes it is hard to tell which route it will take...i like the scattered form too as it plays off of it...and the prickles along the skin a nice touch...

  3. LOL get drunk on verse, hmmm is that possible? Never tried that. I hate when those feelings arise in ones body, that damn pins and needles crap, try a pinched nerve in the neck, leaves you in a wreck. Least that is where my mind went as that is the most annoying thing ever.

  4. hey fred,

    like watching a V.cool tennis match - dynamics working and playing off one another - building momentum - some net calls, twitch the rally but it maintains pace and ultimately... you SMASH IT! :D

    great to read you on time this week fred!

    i felt like Norm last week... Cliffless! :D

  5. now i see...you are going in all these directions, only to ask which direction...LOL!!!

    radiation rampage

  6. Love the set up of the piece Fred...kept me on my toes...as always, you write with such a natural rhythm, the read is fantastic! The Way of Suffering may offer us all a different destination, but no matter which ancient pathway is chosen, I feel we all share MANY of the same trials and tribulations. ANOTHER one to get my mind racing...this has been a hell of an OpenLinkNight!

  7. Very interesting structure love! I like your work a lot! Holds the intrigue throughout...and the last stanza works well with repeating the form :)
    Brilliant piece!

  8. Missed you last week, but this more than makes up for it. The stair step progression and staccato stanzas work perfectly to move the poem step by step, and all the assonance and -ing words are like an echo of sensation till your skin really does start to prickle. Fine poem, Fred.

  9. The structure is awesome, the subject engaging, and the voice uniquely yours. Wonderful work as always Fred.

  10. This is one of my favorites of yours, Fred. The separation of the lines and words and their inter-relation but dissonance is very striking. Great job. k.

  11. Trying to feel the poem's described sensations on skin -- it feels like urges within pulling one this way and that. Sometimes the struggles in the mind does manifest into physical sensations. Pin pricks, tinkling, discomfort, aches from the weight of choices or the situation, the person is undecided.

    Very interesting piece to read and feel.