Monday, May 14, 2012

Moiety (Dark)

Erstwhile patrons of the disavowed
I'm sorry for the actions
these hands caused.
       are the final words my poor mother will ever hear me speak.

Shackled, in chains, paraded about the streets, naked and in shame…

       are the last sights my poor mother will have ever cast upon me…

Current Population: 1

Darkness: My dearest nemesis, I know a part of you still feels what I
                feel, breathes the air I do, see the stars as they appear this
                side of the universe…you were not the one he Exiled, into
                this imbroglio of circumstance.  No, you are living the life
                that I should have been sharing, with you, side by side,
                ruling as brothers should…it was not my fault…but my words
                were never eloquent enough and as I had often suspected,
                even from the most incipient of days, you proved to
                me..there, on that final day, you never trusted me, not in
                the slightest..
                No…you are not here, in this place, where the texture is
                imbued with the hate and anger of knowing this is all there
                shall ever be…unjustly accused of that which I did not  
                conceive…YES, YES I DID SOME THINGS, some very bad
                things…but as for my charges…well…those things I most
                certainly did not do...

                and so I am here, in this void, securely imprisoned, with no
               hope of possible escape or vindication…no chance to prove my
               innocence…to see your face, father's too…when you hear the
               news…when you hear the truth…and I shall savor the
               apologies…I shall enjoy them very much…yet, accept them I
               shall…for despite this all…we are family…we still are kin…

               but, no, I am here, in this lonely, lonely land..where all I
               can see, is a muted and selective vision of reality…an ever
               existing imbrication…where my unhappiness and hostility
              "grace' me in haunting fashion, while the the "pleasures" of
               bearing witness to every comely vision they all see in you,
               overlaps me in dreadful patterns of regularity.

While I must ever brood, of possibility, of  for the day I see your faces again, and what these hands shall do then...


H: Hey, sad sack…
D: Who else is here?
    For surely, you are not an imbecile
H: Nope, you got me
D: and sarcasm too... are you mocking me?
     as those in violation of such offenses, soon find
     just how ephemeral their lives can be
H: look, dude, I'm just passing through and I could give
     two plumes of a cuckoo about you, but I heard something
    you might find interesting….
D: What is this something that you speak of
H: Well, if you let me finish a thought, I'd tell you…
     I was over by the lake house, and saw your twin…
D: Not my twin, my moiety... we are one in the same, equals..
     separated that's all…He's my light, and I'm, well, I'm his
     penumbra, together we are one,united…a complete set…
     a panoply…yes, that is what father always called our unique
     gift….brother always would say it's what made us who we are…
     what made us special….me on the other hand….I saw it as the
     worst possible character flaw
H:  …anyhow, he said he'll be wed next week, on the fourth...
D: Wed, as in… marriage?
H: Felicity, and that's when I
D: She is MINE…
H: you two were quite the item…I remember that love affair well...
D: It was not a mere dalliance, as you so crudely put it…it was much      
    more than that…it was everything... has this come to be, tell me now...
H: Don't know, don't care…just thought you should know
D: And why…why would you come here to me…with this news...
     what motives do you fact, how did you slip
     pass the brutes at the gates…
H: Hey, can't a guy throw another dude a bone, after all, seems like
     you could use one, being all by yourself and all…probably don't
     get many visitors...
D: Don't you pity me…not from a message boy…

Darkness rose from his throne of animosity, inured by this recent bestowal of information, bone sword firmly in hand, blood-tinged beads of sweat anointing his charcoaled skin….

H:  Dude, chill, don't work yourself…

Then, just there, Darkness thought of quite the clever ploy.  He was always an excellent miscreant, the epitome of what furtive schemers strived to become, ever the surreptitious child this one was…

D: No, you are correct, absolutely right…it matters not
H: Sounds like it mattered some…

With anger boiling beneath the flesh, Darkness was doing all he could to remain in this fragile state of composition…the slightest provocation could be his moment of undoing…the forbearance was gnawing fierce...

D: no, again, you are correct, of course she meant something…she still
  means something…but I am here, and I can not blame her for falling
  for him…after all, she most certainly sees me every time she looks at
  him, every touch, every embrace…

H: Ok, I get it, but I couldn't tell ya, as per the wings, not a shrink…

D: But…could you wait but a moment longer…I...
             Darkness quickly scurries into a room behind his throne

H: no prob…

Darkness returns, holding a talisman of ever-shifting shades of hue

D: Could you deliver this…heirloom…to my dearest brother…as a token
     of the joy I feel for this union to be….a pre-pre- wedding gift if you            
H: Now you're talking my language bro…delivering stuff, that's my

Darkness hands the talisman to the winged courier…and off he went,
fluttering up and out from sight…

D: I pray my dear, dear brother accept this small gesture…


The bold-print words were taken from Shawna's prompt at her weekly feature, Monday Melting.  Head on over there and see what others have  spun with the words supplied and join in while you're there, it's creativity at it's finest…

As for this tale…part two will appear over at my other site and continue there…it all just kind of came to me perusing the list of words Shawna provided, so I'm not sure how long this tale will wind up being, or what direction it will take…but should be fun to work through, and I'll continue to incorporate as many words as I can from this weeks list, there are 100 of them to choose from...


  1. i have a bad feeling about that talisman...really cool story man, i like the set up...and off to your other place to read the rest...

  2. I do want to find what that talisman really does. Intriguing tale. I'll be following. :)

    And: You have another blog?!! Can hardly keep up with the ones you've got on blogger! :D

  3. Great dialogue and set up of the story, you told in all it's glory. Not sure what the tailsmen does but we shall see before the end is near I bet. As much mystical type feel is about and sure it will continue to come out.

  4. I love it, Fred. Fantastic storytelling; the first half is particularly gripping, trapped in the mind, population: 1

    These are my favorite parts:

    "Erstwhile patrons of the disavowed
    I'm sorry for the actions
    these hands caused"



    Thus far, I'm reading this as being about a person with split personalities.