Monday, May 21, 2012

Freedom of Fireflies

Making fireflies
         with a devil in disguise
and with wings like mine
                  I’ll be lucky to fly
 half as high
                           once the evening tires

Making fireflies
                  with demons in denial
and with wings like mine
         I’ll be fortunate
to quiver calm 
                   beneath their pyre

Above—above and beyond
close to the sun
         too close for one
determined to shine
                  from the wealth it sends
 gleaming, glowing
         longing to be-friend, a firefly,
alive in every beam 
              it’s light shall find 
the location of enslaved fire


  1. some nice nods to mythology in this fred...a little icarus...maybe some promethius...i am rather fond of means summer evening to running in the grass as we play tag...a bit of my own flying...smiles.

  2. This is really gorgeous, Fred!

  3. My friend told me once about a woods near where she lives that during May (I think) is alive at night with these fireflies. I only ever saw two one night outside my own home. Saw a light blinking in the grass and as we had an oil furnace in the basement and, not knowing too much about furnaces, I didn't know if there was an alarm going off to do with it until my teen told me it was fireflies I was seeing.
    Loved this Fred!

  4. The measure of myth was a pleasure to read here at your feed. As the fireflies danced about, not sure I've ever seen them much at my moat.