Monday, May 28, 2012

Domino Hustlers

Backgammon heartbreaker
A little vial of water trapped
About your neck

Domino hustler and
A chain of thieves
predicting which
wage will force the stake                 (crowd’s can please so easily)

allocating sensitivity
into folders of insecurity

Shadow boxing with the Ali of hype
quick and shifty evasion grows
culpable…mighty, mighty mistaken
but agreeably culpable none the less         (scholars think they know)

In-Jest.  Ingesting generally, a generic, general
gesticulating generally.  Gestures of a gentile
generalist, gently genuflecting Jen e se qua
gee wizard…Get Shorty. Gelatinous mass
of attack, gentries of sanctimony, sellers of kind
solicitation unlike anything you’ll ever find           (Reawakened now)

In and out of pubs, scrubbing bubbles next to a quartet of jacked-up
amphetamine smoking ducks, of the rubber persuasion, spitting bathwater, as high as the eyeglasses can see.  Free…generational guesswork…popping the quark and nine.           (False Adieu) 


  1. haha love all your G's in that next to last stanza man...and great grit as you genuflect boxing with the ali of hyp...nice line as well man....what a rip

  2. Quite the game and surely not tame, as you played the G card and even gave a movie reference at your yard. Not the best one ever I will say, but still it was okay, beats the sequel anyday.