Saturday, May 12, 2012

"It's about Wild things," who Gnu…{OS} "No, it's about monsters"

Over at D'Verse they're talking about Wild Things.  Stop on over for the beer, but stick around for the poetry on tap. Cheers.

When I was a child
I could care less
where the wild
things were…for I already
knew, it wasn't a them
but a him, yep, Charlie
Sheen, in one of
the funniest films on
baseball every made…the
original one people…the original

But as I mentioned
in the opening line
I was a child.  Yes,
a child but not a child
without interests..that's for certain.

I saw those many monsters
atop lunch pails, on books
kids were reading with some
attendant I had far too early
a crush on.  But hey, that's
pre-pubesence, yep…

I actually remember one kid
I knew, he had his math book
covered in wild things print, I had
a plain grocery bag cut to fit…I'm
who I am, and he's…well I really
don't know, never cared to...,
but now that you got me thinking about
it, I know a guy who knows a guy who
knows a girl that could probably tell me…

But I was a kid, a kid that liked what he liked
and knew what he thought he liked and those
drawings never impressed me much…nope
I preferred transformers, GI Joes and comic
art…thought these wild things were embarrassing
to be considered in the same industry that could boast the likes of Frank Miller..yep
wolver-fn-rine.  Now that was a wild thing, for sure, with
bones made of invincible steel that could protrude from his
knuckles as he saw fit and a body that self healed…yeah, that
dude was badass…and his name was Logan for crying out loud, now
that's a name…

But I was a child back then and didn't really appreciate many of
the things I do today…I didn't know the first thing about the ologies,
nope, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, these things were not a sprig
on my uneaten dinner plates….

But, today, things are a bit different…and I look at things with a much broader view, one filled with an appreciation for novel creations, uniqueness and open to suggestion/acceptance…

So, while I still don't particularly think these wild things are the prize of the art world, I appreciate what they are, and how they do what they do…

lines that reek of instability
Disproportions mirroring the inner mind
Monsters…a metaphor….yep

for society and for our own personas…we most certainly can be and it's important to understand this, and it's important for us to embrace this, so we can keep them under wraps…

So…long story a bit longer than intended here….that dude crafted some pretty deep things there in his wildest of imaginations come to life…and that

Very cool.
And who would have ever thought
A child would have to mature
to enjoy what a monster represents.

And it's sad when anyone passes before there time, but at least, this author got to spread so much of his imagination to children everywhere, and to late blooming adults as well...


  1. I enjoyed your meanderings here, Fred. It may take an adult to understand what a monster meant; but it is a child who really can appreciate the likes of the Sendak monster!

  2. nice...i like this much fred... i never read him as a child..just discovered his work recently and was impressed by the depth and his view on life...

  3. Love this, I'm with you on X-men.

  4. lines that reek of instability
    Disproportions mirroring the inner mind
    Monsters…a metaphor….yep

    ... that about sums it up, eh? I like your unique take on the prompt, Fred.

  5. Haha! Yes, Charlie Sheen really was one of the wild ones! This is really superb! Thank you for joining the wild rumpus!

  6. It fascinates me how differently kids see the world and then somehow the magic wears off or, they/we are 'conditioned' into not seeing it anymore.
    Nice write Fred.

  7. SNIKT...haha...pop a claw man...frank miller was the bomb...still is though he is a little crazy in person i will say...and you know to appreciate them sometimes we do have to grow into them...i got hooked on comics around 5th grade...xmen was the first...batman shortly after...and yeah it is cool sendaks work touched many....

  8. I think as adults we have a greater perspective of things; seeing such "monsters" as metaphors, of our darkest fears and minds. I specially like these lines:

    And who would have ever thought
    A child would have to mature
    to enjoy what a monster represents.

  9. I'm a stunted bloom into adult-hood and quite proud of it! between you and me and anyone who reads your blog...I was not caught up in the Wild Thing my own imagination did a fine job of providing my monsters...but I did come to love and appreciate the works when sharing them with my daughter...Loved the conversational tone of this one, really enjoyed it actually. Thank you! Here's to the eternal fountain of youth and drinking as much as we can in the name of pure gluttony (and our addiction to imagination!)

  10. wow, loved this Fred....great thoughts and reflection compared to who you are today.
    I love the easy way it flows, too.

    and you 'couldn't care less' right? couldn't. ;)

  11. Agreed. Major League was one of the best, if not the best, baseball movie every made, second was okay but the third sucked. Love that movie. Yeah many a things can be imagined as a child from the go joe's to the whacky things under the bed, a shame we lose most of that for the so called realism of the world.

  12. i love the line "who would have ever thought a child would have to mature to enjoy what a moster represents"

    when do we stop being a child

  13. Fred- i LOVE this more narrative style to your poetry....has such a natural 'train of thought to it'- and the message is a great one (well- for me anyway) Society as a monster- but like all monsters they become bigger in the unconscious- and can be easily fought off with magic and spells - basically a if we keep some of that childhood spirirt- then the world doesn't have to become too serious. Great job buddy- and quite a personal write too- very cool

  14. You really go out of your way to bring back memories of childhood not without monsters. We thought monster would cause fright but to kids these are fun things. That probably explains the popularity of Sendak's monsters. Great verse, pretty long verse!


  15. I was the same way. I didn't get Sendak at all until I was an adult.

  16. Love the easy flow, stream of consciousness of this, a direct tap into your memories. I've always loved Sendak, but what I took from his stories evolved as I got older.