Friday, May 11, 2012

The Song for Wet Dogs

The song of wetted dog hair
Purveys the nasal’s nymph
A tone grown to know, a reoccurring
Fragrancy of hymnal sewn, here
Where, when, they burst the room
With limited caution, only feeling,
As if they’re recent victory over
Mother nature, had certainly earned
Them a treat.  Which, of course, they
Always get….how could I pass on those
Eyes, even with that song playing noisily
All about.  But first, they must be patient
For the floor was just done, and toweling
Has yet begun.


  1. hahaha oh the life of a dog. See it's not wonder they sniff butts as they need to get the smell of their wet hair out of their nostrils, then they shake it all around and act all profound. The cat curls his nose up in disgust as that is just a must..haha

  2. You seem to be experimenting a lot lately, pretty cool.

  3. This is definitely the truth!

  4. mmm...gotta love that yes a good towel but i still think the floor will be in trouble soon enough...

  5. oh this reminds me of my teenage years when i had a dog...he hated to get wet... sometimes we were bathing him in the bath tub...and this was like taming an elephant...smiles