Friday, May 18, 2012

Undone, Yet Well Enough To Understand

Assiduous, never ceasing
obsolescence and
the winds of shifting tides
to which, our bounties
beam attractions for
tinnitus and the ringing
quarks of life

Dysphasia grows as
lucidity’s slain
in the assignation
parting songbirds make

Promissory lines
of transverse fates
communicate the lines
of boundary, to teem
then break

Apart as whole,
in crumbles spread,
across the canvass
dysethesia bled


  1. the rhythm you get and big freaking words...making me work for it today fred...smiles...dysethesia is a new fav word...the promisory stanza rips...and the one before it on the bird song is cool too...

  2. Lots of new words for me. It sounds like every sense is breaking apart, from thoughts to ears ringing, to speech impairment and then ideas and then physical discomforts felt. And all that the awareness of these feelings of offness.

  3. work for it is right! hahaha...where is my dictionary.... :)

  4. the teeming and breaking of the lines got me most here...spreading in crumbles across the canvas...have to look up dysethesia though...smiles

  5. A bit broken or dismembered a bit, is surely not a hit. But one must push through and life has to come due. Have to look up the last word as well, first time in a while at your cell.