Friday, April 29, 2011

Ali in Haiku and Tanka

Incomparable Fighter

Greatest of all time

Incomparable Fighter

Greatest of all time
Ali, floats like a butterfly

Cassius Clay, stings like a bee

Insoluble in Haiku and Tanka

Piece of wood you try, Splinters

An ant in distress

Piece of wood you try, Splinters

An ant in distress,
To return in such a way

Colonial cold-shoulder

Herculean Feats

Herculean feats abound,
Lost in translation the words, the sounds

But the gleeful choir recites the only one
I ever remembered from start to final hymn

All because of a mythological girl I used to know

The Reflective Surface, in Haiku and Tanka

Shards of Glass remain,
Reflecting in the mirror

Image just the same

Shards of Glass remain,
Reflecting in the mirror,

Image just the same,
Sweat combines with open wounds,

A sight encouraging pain

Inclinations, Fine Line, Felin(ous), Covenant, Goblin & Flip Turn

Looking for answers
I play the message in reverse

Revealing warped wisdom spouting forth
Inclinations I never thought about

Between corruption and infidelity
A choice sat before me

Where putting others before myself
Undoubtedly would leave me with nothing else

Red velvet countertop
Dixie cups and paper plates

What deliciousness occurs at night?
While sleeping, the cats will play

A covenant, a bond
A Pact, a promise

A message misconstrued- due to unwashed hands
Unaware, your blood mixed with that of someone else

Little Goblin, smiling proud
Her first tooth bites my hand,

Our little pumpkin, in my arms,
Laughing loud,

From which I do too

Flip Turn,
Quicksand wall,

Deep end swallowing
Expletives bubbling under

Chlorinated disarray
Incumbent misled and overthrown

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lemon Tree, What's yet to come & Where the Grey Mist Goes

Lemons picked from frost ripened vine,
Peaches snagged from trees of serpentine

Grapes enlarging to the taste
In love, we make our escape

Scouring for eternity,
Recipes wide arranged

From kitchen to cupboard
From Scansion to stone

The way we choose to live,
Is a promise we each can own

A shifting wind alters, confuse
Bile lurking, disguised muse

Shrapnel from ethereal ends
Time sifts slow as motion grows

Lifting pressure we’ve held inside
Releasing darkness upon the day

Heated cloud
Erupting, cleansing

Acid Baths alive compounding

Tears of sun, shining bright
Tears of home, our guiding lights

Soft and still the grey mist follows

Where only we ourselves would go

It takes a certain Mindset

Rambled Visions,
Desire of voice

Fostering love without the choice,
The arch of Angels back in time

To trust the heart to move forward in line,
Painting life from twisted root

Colored rainbows ebb and flow
Announcing natural expression,

The conduit for God’s impression

With each broken tip of pen

A somber silence bears alms and sheds
Haltering force of special distance

Harboring much the sense enlightened
For in each stroke from our pen

Profoundness of image awakes from bed
Shedding dull and musty morsels dry

To cherubic waterworks up in the sky,
For each the words we do pen

Blood fuels hope in most of man
Unlocking inspiration from cavities great

Gnawing upon brittle blocks that gate,

Uncloaking possibility by the cape
It is within the poet’s core,

Enabling the fallen to travel far 


Slender moth,
Attracted to such a face

Slender moth
Magnetized to such a fate,

Golden Temples

Side to side
Blossomed wardrobe worn in show

Conjoined minds, do not know how,
Pull apart each little wing,

Slender moth,

You shine in your own way
Gliding and gilding at your own special blend of pace

Slender moth,
I wish you knew

Artificial lens, Distort, then die,

Into a tunnel your mind does flow,
Away, awake, never reclaimed, never sought after

With grace restored, trance is snared
Not net, nor spear your wings would claim

So high a flicker from such a flame

Backbeat Dangles & Torque's Rise

Dangling backbeats
From God knows where

Orbs attached to partitions of hair
Streaming singing, swirling through

Auburn locks with amber hues
Accentuate the freshly dried

Bushy-tailed and bright eyes
Promoting a new tomorrow

Through the grief of a Hazel sorrow

Torque rise
Chassis fall

Rhythmic bleeding
Bruised and blonde

Succubus well adorned

Ridges flavored crisp of man
Gemini’s blush when taken stormed

As I lay
In this place

I awake from twisted lips


Domino’s on Tarot’s clock
Predicting futures through lotto’s scratch

Gruesome & Suicide Windshield

Gruesome Growls of gregarious Grunts
Bullets Blaze Beautifully Bent

Among Accelerated Aeriality

                Deposed              Derailed

Amidst Dreams Amassed
Within snow driven to stall

Curating policy

Pilfering antagonistic strategy
Adaptability refined

Suicide Windshield
Contemplative nicks and spider-webs

Analyzing the ins and outs
The whereabouts & the, I can see what others can’t

In a lot full of many,
Parked cars, expectant mothers

Pondering the difference made
One removed from this life, this day

Perhaps a tear should shine today
Emanating for just one hour

Tomorrow all back to normal
Hollowed is the mindset

Looking for reasons, digging deep

Hoping for answers in this glazed over sleep

Variety FourTwentyEight

Teeth itch in withdrawal
Captors torment without words

Carafe, smartly placed
Out of reach, reddened embrace

Screaming habitually


One grain of salt

Over the shoulder thrown
Into the eyes of a competing foe


Sky Bright, Dark of Night

Andromeda’s whispered bliss
Starlight’s moon lit kiss


Gray wolf cub
Frantically wandering

In search of Mother

Backgammon Haiku & Tanka

Backgammon Border
Triangular residents

Waiting for freedom

Backgammon Border
Triangular residents

Waiting for freedom
And when that day does arrive

Chains release us doubly free

Kaleidoscope Haiku & Tanka

Disconnecting all the dots

Ever changing spot

Disconnecting all the dots

Ever changing spot
A Fractal utopia

When myopically contained

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cervical Attack Tanka & Haiku

Falling from the Sky
I realized I soon would die

If only flame proof
My father’s greatest mistake

Was trying to keep me safe

Cervical Attack
Pain follows each link of neck

Percocet Awaits

Didactic Conviction & Crystal Eyes- Micropoems

Didactic Convictions
Double Dactyl, Tickled drawl

Celtic fallacy, some religions are not for all to ramble into

Thickets, spoons of sickly sticking points of disgruntled grass
A speck of dirt upon pure white coats

Crystal Eyes
Promise reflect/refract


Enigmatic twisting of fiction into fact

Postcards from the Apocalypse

With Postcards upon roofs of mouths
Clichéd wisdom, herculean strong,

Talisman, Sentinels and Spirit Guides
Holding flames, lauding high

Animal valuing security, food and prowess
Instinctual desires mend and meld, a Machiavellian collision,

Despised, integrated digits of soft served spooned

Catch phrase, the mammoth ship

Setting port, departing from ruby lips
No wizard in this realm

No valley to hide and smile
Ventilated open space

Smoke free, smog-less green,
Validation of those with which you identify

Blooming wisdom in a righteous blip

Flattering mirage you seek and dream

Dwelling in the company of catatonic menageries
Igniting valor with silver wings

Bolt turned blue, decomposition of awakening
Lightning in the auburn sky

Words to live, to do then die
Collapsing on calypso trips

Relaxation for the brain and hips
Vacating does, the exhausted visitors promiscuous tricks

Awful, slipping of grand design,
Months prepared, meant to shine

Belittled because of faulty minds

Postcards upon the ridge

Tickle tremors swallowing
All the places you’ve never been

A Sudden Warmth- A Twitter Micropoem

The Sudden Warmth of Spring
Flowers peeking through

The marinating Earth,
Freshly moistened dirt

Windows Rise
Wind Chiming

As Dogs speak a winter’s worth

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Every single step

Every step, I’ve made before
Tracing footprints by shape and depth,

Imprints of this rotating parapet

Dreams are lofty,

Dimensions grand,
For any other,

These hallucinations
Would be everyday accomplishments

Filibusters daily grind

The words, the taste
The breadth of dispute

Resonating in my mind

Every territorial mark I make

I find I reclaim another day,

Resiliency is all I have

The foresight of knowledge curdles through
Shame, respite

Failures encroachment upon my life

Forlorn stories of what could have, should have been
Are underlined with invisible print

Upon Fisted Flask

Soda-pop expressions
cultures cramming atop the other

A bottleneck of tradition steeped in sweat

Flutter, so far away

Allow your spirit a holiday
Well deserved or barely earned

All who wait shall never see
The beauty intrinsic within stained glass

Flesh, like mine,

Mine like no others
Kissing, hugging,

Love and smother

Control from who I know

Opinionated mindsets relegate me
Like oil on the pavement of some other man’s drive

Candor, I no longer can afford

Wishing for a changing vision has become quite absurd
To think a peon, such as many can be, can change the mentality

Of a twenty first century bourgeoisie

Starlight’s embrace upon fisted flask/All times have their weakening/I know mine

Phantom Mimicry

Phantom mimicry


                                Blink again
Pantomimes everywhere

White Light, shuttering sights

Whiter Listlessness
White Light,

                A brighter lightning
                                Caress of callous generosity

All these eyes persist, overturning rationality’s grip


Was my soul for sale?
A demon with quotas asked

Caveat Emptor

Vinegar Kiss

Vinegar kisses
Tangerine whispers

Cadaverous tremors I’ve learned to trust
Scents of lust, wandering through

The velvety compression
The bloodshot tumults and the poisoned lies

Germane promises I cling too tightly
Rigors of love have captured this heart entirely

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Love Poem of Easter Blessing

Every year upon this day,
I feel alive in such a way,

Resurrected from the dead,
Of night I cherish a newfound light,

Shining down, shining bright,
From Heaven’s Gate,

Illuminating the path we tread,
Opening doors and breathing life

It was this day, long ago,

When the boulder moved
Away from the structure

Where your Son was entombed

On this day, Mary came to you,

But found but rags and empty stone,
Others came and couldn’t understand

But believers knew you returned for them

Easter Sunday is not

A celebration of Chocolate, Rabbits
Jelly Beans or Candy,

It’s a genuflection for us to give,
Acknowledging all you and your Son have gave

All the love you’ve blessed all the creatures, great and small, all of them, each and all.

Anger-An Acrostic

Amethyst carved

Nights indoor

Gravitating into

Errant misappropriations of fragmented form

Revisionist’s sense of self

Debased, Crop-Dusting and The Stooge

Lines an ARTIST would produce

Creating volatile forgeries

Bastardizing, Voice and Truth

Barren Fields are long

Looping, Side to Side, Diagonal ratios drawn

South-North, Day to Night,

Willing in uncomfortable, compromised,

Precarious positions, The Dogfight is the pilots religious attrition

Flash, Flare, Flicker, Torch

Alive when clouds are under control

Alive, when atmospheric pressure combines with light

Unwanted memories,

Discarded first, then we scorch this plot of earth

Waiting at port, on duty

I’m the stupid driver, awaiting arrival
                Boss says he’s ADROIT in what he does

A trained assassin, a work of art

So I listen.  So I obey.  I know no other way,

I’m the stupid driver, my actions are mechanical

Holy Water, Quirks of Shark Teeth, Critical Math & Half Seasoned

Jammed pitchfork into Earth

Inhaled flames for what it’s worth
Signed cross on heart and head

Watch the dousing quickly spread

Isolating your tentacles from your brain
Tripping fanatically

Sine to Cosine, Elements to pause
Quick quirks from teeth of sharks

A denizen of attribution
Long before the massacre starts

Critical Mass
Glassy Sphere

What beauty to you find/
In a caravan of misfits with consumed with regret?

Ferry boat across state lines,
May as well serve ambrosia for one last time,

For from what I hear,
They’ll serve pomegranate but half the time

Tickle, tickle, and tickle me
In those places only you know how

Rabbit's problem & Men of War

It is the day of the year
Bunnies and Rabbits Both,

Stay very, very far away,
From Nestling close Hershey

Men of War
Portuguese Warriors

Off the coast
Near the Shore

Camouflaging the waves with your neon light
Trancelike Tentacles shining bright

Easter Haiku

Hunting Easter Eggs,
Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow

Hidden in the straw

You took the last one

I wanted the Burgundy

Jelly Belly Beans


When grudges turn to friendships,
I hate myself for being so unimpressed,

Each vision clear, every word I hear,
I grow all the more pessimistic,

Finding reasons why,
Lurking beneath,

These relationships,
Presides a saccharin artificiality

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Estranged, Relapsed, Vamp, Dancer, & Knighted

Estranged, we two are,
Since the son’s shadow has fallen far,

Different, how so different,
The differences we two share

Relapsing, without aim,
Misery before the crush could claim,

Rehabilitation wouldn’t come until the crash came through,
Not until, but during and after,

Rebuild blooming, flowers springing,
Not until then, was interest gained

Re(vamp)ed design,
Causes blood thirst,

Amongst the fan(g)s

Toes tucked deep

Limbs held the spirit centered
Eyes ethereal

On polished wood, this form is brief,
Sending tremors into feet,

Upon this stage, in this night
Adrenalin surge, creating life

Freshly painted,

Pine and Oak,
Invisible swords my shoulder seeks,

Head bowed, on one knee,
Genuflecting for eternal possibility

Hai Cools

Anger in the noise
Resonating inside here

Grinding, thoughts acute

Forlorn truth eschewed
Cloistered eyes you see no more

Those Misunderstood

Brackish yet gentle,
Heart of coal, promise severed,

Oddly Filters well

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Assassins, Gardening & Waves- 3 Poems

Assassins, all my life I’ve known,
My closest friends in the entire world,

An assignment, accepted,

Mars the fabric on which we move

In the garden, trimming tips,

Soil stirring rifts,
Between thorns and roots,

What a predicament!
Parentally extending love to both

Waves tear into,

Leaves raft away from reach,
Each breath I take, it consumes me more

Yet I refuse deflation,
As long as my mind tells me there could be a chance for more

A Magic Hat in Summer

On hot summer nights,
Put on your Magic Hat, then

Peach notes quench the most

A Fragment, Beauty of a Flower, Dark Spots, Old Box Lost & The Ring Entrance

A fragment,
Made clear the path to grace,

Inhibitors and a deadly gaze,
Dedicate all their strength and will,

To the destruction of yours

Beauty of a flower,
At Bloom, in darkness

Under the blanketing stars,

An affirmation’s made,
Time de(stilled),

Alleviate Constraint

Dark spots of the mind,
Scarcely used,

For Good Reasoning
Kept well hidden

Lest demons may, find the key and have their way,
All future days, placed in jeopardy

Rifling through and old box,
Looking for nothing in particular,

Finding inspiration from days long lost,
How time sleeps by,

How we forget Time

Smoky Mountains

Wielding a Sickle made from glass,
And those frozen daggers the fans adored

…Hailing from parts Unknown…

Poems Conversed With MyWordWizard on Twitter

Two days converge
A symposium, in combustion

Proactively ignoring things unseen,
If these two split, I shall be gone,

If hell ignites, pain will prevail,
But I too will breath to suffer each detail

In an instant,
Context changes/ Arching back with arms’ extended

Marie aligned her soul with nature,
Accepting the invocation, the wind danced forth

Shila’s face turned a strong, sickly sweet variation of Misplaced light,
Ashen lips disguise,

The quiver in her teeth

Haiku Outtake from Mythic Series

Elves of the Mountain,
Giants of the Frozen Realm,

Jaunt to Niflheim

Le Fay

Woke up;
Dream fresh & new,

Grogginess persistent, the blur remains in-flow,
Mind racing, but it’s alright,

Reality restored, sanity returns
Until the door ajar, now opened full,

Revealing darkened light, piercing through
Only to find, Morgan LeFay had found her way to you

Buffalo Sabres NHL Playoff Haikus

Patrick Kaleta(Carubba),
Heated passion in a game,

Making Richards cry,

Jeanerette repeats:

Where Momma hides the Cookies,
Pomminville-Top Shelf

Miller, Hasek-like,
Tyler Ennis for the Win,

On The Power Play

Friday, April 22, 2011

Paper Moons & Windysweep

Gestures and Paper moons,
Bring equilibrium to a state of doom,

Awaken from the frosting over,
And sleepwalk into eternal foam

It was a windswept and desolate diameter to cross,
A lost horizon for a fading sun,

Misplaced hubris for a tempest won

Glimpse back

Two wooden tumblers
Atop my oldest nightstand

Memories Preserved

Crawlspace & Earl the Raccoon

Into the attic room,
Dropping the ladder from the roof,

Into the darkened space, ascension,
A rising into some dusty displaced land,

Boxes, cloth draped forgettable tokens of a distant past,
So important I shake my head

Only to close the latch,
And pretend I’ll need them one day soon

Ransack the alleyways,
Paved in swirling marble code,

Watching a garbage can duel,
Between a wandering salesman

Swinging lids colliding with tap dancing feet,
And the meanest raccoon you’ll ever meet,

Here’s my card,
Remove the mask,

The creature whispered,
I’m earl, friend.

Clumsy Fool

Cayenne clockwork orange powder blue,
Sky like whitening-pasting over the existing trace,

Did I?
It can’t be?

Uh oh…No, not again
What to do, to do?

Outside your Observation

In a moment of futility,
Like a stringed puppet,

I allowed far too many,
Liberties upon my name,

Far too many became relevant,

and all I wanted was a peaceful eve

In Honor of Easter

Three men, unlike the others,
Bound to serve similar fates,

Atop the skull the three stand still,
Only one of which shall reappear,

Two forgotten,
One impossible to forget,

As it was this one man, Jesus, a Shepherds son,
Whose life he gave, to save each of us

Behind the outline & The Witches Husband

Shadows lurk beneath each breath
As you fall I see you sweat

Winding its tail about your throat
And words grow shallow in regret

Cauldron steams a foul brew,
Moon is glossing over soon,

And I play daddy dearest waiting for,

Wondering how, you left for work,
Without your broom

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A red siren upon my cheek
Calling out in shrill laughter

Beckoning an audience,
As it spoke, neurotic flashing beaconed from the reddish space,

Poke and prod I played around with it,

For some time, for much longer than I thought,
After quite some time,

The siren sang her song no more,
Instead a letting occurred

Filling the basin a thick red sight,

Beastly my mind arranged my face to be,

Over exaggerating this blemish,
In the same fashion I had the initial trace,

Vanity became a burden I was unaware I had kept locked away

Chalice Broken

A chalice is in doubt,
For each liter gone without,

Seeking retribution for inspirations drowned,
You tilt back for yet another ounce

A Deep Rest

Wisdom takes a backseat to pain,
Visions change, Focus blurs,

Without rationale, strange thoughts our minds cling unto,
Lacking specificity of design,

There is no certainty of form,

Without rhythm, without support,

We take our fight with agony,
And resort to pharmacology,

Does it help?

Yes and No,
Maybe, I don’t know

Deep rest is all I feel,
Deep rest is all I know

Combustion Within

My thoughts,
The Music,

And the thunder behind raging behind the drapes,
In collision,

What combustible sparks our minds create


She had a Crayola stare,
Changing colors in mid-air,

Waxy brilliance,
Amidst rainbows of inspiration,

We see all the possibility at our fingertips

3 Haikus for another Wednesday Overnight

Sinister Grumble,
We demonize things unknown,

Instead of learning

Fact or Fictional,

By his very admission,
Now was possible

Circular Decay,

Unannounced, Unexpected,
Slowly, Moving Out

Stream said Go

Beast of Burden,
Middle(r), Jagger(ed)

Boorishly croon,
Until Styx takes over with their Babe,

Big and Blue It took me back,
To those leather seats of a time aged classic ride,

I still remember its face-

DAM  IT 1974

Rabbits ran the hills for food,

Stephen King and a daggers might,
Wrenching bunnies for an Easter feast,

Possession of a first seen beast,
Pointy ears and vampiric teeth,

Draining promise from the dreams I once accrued,
….I need to stop…..I need to soon

Strawberry blondes,


Cotton Swabs for warn out waste,
Buttering the fable down my face,

I watch and stir as the spoon repeats,
Bubbling and boiling and shrinking

Everything you see to know,
All in a moment, into the flow,

A tab to the tongue,
White and rectangular(ish)

Depressing down into
A need for fluid to wash it gone

Gulp, Gulp, Swallow (look Ma no hands!)

Shallow thoughts could come of this,

But they don’t,
Vivid bright instead glimmers & glows,

A glorious canticle,
An effervescent lifting

Monkeys walk my spine no more,

And then the earth spins like music in an underground, magnificent club

Spinning swiftly but ever slow,
The worlds so Light I just don’t know,

Why I should return tomorrow,

In the mirror half I was to the place I would be at soon,

Departed pictures have left the scene,
While the smile on my face,

Chameleon with its shifting gaze,
Loving, tactile smooth,

All systems Go, All systems well below,
All systems mired in the afterglow,

A system I love and grow,
Slow, Slow, Slow Slow,

All anxiety falls to emit,

Any of the pressure that it knows,

Now the world is in full guidance,

Rails measured and so I will,
Return to the Deep Rest I need to think

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Those that were not Ripe

Paper crumpled in the can,
Misdiagnosed ailments of unseasonable rhyme,

Some big, others stalled,
Some arranged in groups,

Others Single Filed

The Last Defense

The last defender,
Careless and riddled by fear,

Wandering clueless, without a care,
Citizens of the great earth,

Do not rely on heroic myth or superhero lore,
Simply put:  Just stay inside and lock your doors,

Then the only defender you’ll ever need is the protector
Sealed up inside of you


Keyboard keywords slashing prices,
Red letter day with Blue collared voices,

Scattering seeds for each the choices,
Sigh and Let go

Haiku 4-19-11

Trying a new pair,
Never once wore the last pair,

Looking for the next

Brittle bones I wear,
Flak Jackets but still beware,

Just as Precaution

With snout I seek out,

Truffles under rock and dirt,
Vegetable Mocha

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alter Ego & Letter to My Heart & Not Agreed & Cluttered Genius

Stalking Silent Moments,
Reframing the components,

Creating alternate realities

Dear Heart:
I find you Very Rude,

                With all your Syncopated Rhythmicity,
                        It is too difficult ( Suppressing Smiles & Remaining Sad)
Yours Truly

Often at odds,
With others, With Myself,
If Bliss came to,
I’d hold breath deep,
For even solace seems Incongruous to me

I find, When Battling Demons,
I’m pugilistically incompetent,
If the mind is clear,
Only in absurdity are intentions clear,
Only through uncertainty can focus be found,
Only when I cannot win,
Do I stand a chance in hell

The Threat of a Snake & In The Kitchen Alcove, A Treat is Always Near

Black Adder, Mamba, Coral

Cobra, Boa, Asp

Garder, Anaconda, Viper, Copperhead

Threat Levels Prematurely Rise



Almond Milk,


Desiring all sorts of treats

Two Poems- A Void Created & Glassy Structured Wonder

Times, blended nightly ease,

Hands mourning separation anxiety,
A void, created,

No Vacancy

A Glassy Structure I have found,
At certain angles,

Enlightened I become,
Merge then alter,

If only more would listen

Opened Book

You’re incapable of secrecy,
An open book on a rainy day,

A place compliments are found,
Where mascara runs,

From page to ground