Friday, April 29, 2011

Inclinations, Fine Line, Felin(ous), Covenant, Goblin & Flip Turn

Looking for answers
I play the message in reverse

Revealing warped wisdom spouting forth
Inclinations I never thought about

Between corruption and infidelity
A choice sat before me

Where putting others before myself
Undoubtedly would leave me with nothing else

Red velvet countertop
Dixie cups and paper plates

What deliciousness occurs at night?
While sleeping, the cats will play

A covenant, a bond
A Pact, a promise

A message misconstrued- due to unwashed hands
Unaware, your blood mixed with that of someone else

Little Goblin, smiling proud
Her first tooth bites my hand,

Our little pumpkin, in my arms,
Laughing loud,

From which I do too

Flip Turn,
Quicksand wall,

Deep end swallowing
Expletives bubbling under

Chlorinated disarray
Incumbent misled and overthrown

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