Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Fragment, Beauty of a Flower, Dark Spots, Old Box Lost & The Ring Entrance

A fragment,
Made clear the path to grace,

Inhibitors and a deadly gaze,
Dedicate all their strength and will,

To the destruction of yours

Beauty of a flower,
At Bloom, in darkness

Under the blanketing stars,

An affirmation’s made,
Time de(stilled),

Alleviate Constraint

Dark spots of the mind,
Scarcely used,

For Good Reasoning
Kept well hidden

Lest demons may, find the key and have their way,
All future days, placed in jeopardy

Rifling through and old box,
Looking for nothing in particular,

Finding inspiration from days long lost,
How time sleeps by,

How we forget Time

Smoky Mountains

Wielding a Sickle made from glass,
And those frozen daggers the fans adored

…Hailing from parts Unknown…

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