Monday, April 18, 2011

Spinners and Banditos

Bandits to and fro,
Tactically inducing lethargy and semi-lucid stares,

Cracked and pinched, withered and embattled,
I deserve so much, but what’ve I really done?

Brutal chemistry created in the white space,

Gathered in that middle ground of love and hate,

Bandits, to and from,

Tactical excursions we’ve begun,
Lazy motives escape us now,

Wondrous covers, the rest filler,
What will happen when it’s revealed?

The broken voices, crinkled, torn,

A breach in property,


There are no regrets,

No culpable afterthoughts,
Thanks to a such fine few,

Thanks to a staff so ready,
To lay their words down for you,

Thanks to well placed copy…we’ll all live to spin another tale again

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