Sunday, April 24, 2011

Estranged, Relapsed, Vamp, Dancer, & Knighted

Estranged, we two are,
Since the son’s shadow has fallen far,

Different, how so different,
The differences we two share

Relapsing, without aim,
Misery before the crush could claim,

Rehabilitation wouldn’t come until the crash came through,
Not until, but during and after,

Rebuild blooming, flowers springing,
Not until then, was interest gained

Re(vamp)ed design,
Causes blood thirst,

Amongst the fan(g)s

Toes tucked deep

Limbs held the spirit centered
Eyes ethereal

On polished wood, this form is brief,
Sending tremors into feet,

Upon this stage, in this night
Adrenalin surge, creating life

Freshly painted,

Pine and Oak,
Invisible swords my shoulder seeks,

Head bowed, on one knee,
Genuflecting for eternal possibility

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