Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frozen (For The Slaughter)

It is alive beyond dreaming,
A bitter air cast to life,

Fostering that I could not have taught,
A misery I fear to paint,

Such a scene, a crimson glaze,
A Diablo constructed infernal blaze,

Instead of battling beside,
With those not long since past,

Took me in and comforted,

In their eyes I saw remorse,
From my heart they’ve been cursed,

Away wither do they now,
Away from me in this frozen state,

Creatures roam both large and strange,

Acrobats are they all,
Refracting light with silvered claws,

Reckoning arrived,
Much quicker than we thought,

Before eyes fixated on each of the fallen ones,

A single V formation spread,
Inching forward pound by pound; numbness in me grew,

Determined to lay blood from the one they sought; that time was here I knew.

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