Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alter Ego & Letter to My Heart & Not Agreed & Cluttered Genius

Stalking Silent Moments,
Reframing the components,

Creating alternate realities

Dear Heart:
I find you Very Rude,

                With all your Syncopated Rhythmicity,
                        It is too difficult ( Suppressing Smiles & Remaining Sad)
Yours Truly

Often at odds,
With others, With Myself,
If Bliss came to,
I’d hold breath deep,
For even solace seems Incongruous to me

I find, When Battling Demons,
I’m pugilistically incompetent,
If the mind is clear,
Only in absurdity are intentions clear,
Only through uncertainty can focus be found,
Only when I cannot win,
Do I stand a chance in hell

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