Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Water, Quirks of Shark Teeth, Critical Math & Half Seasoned

Jammed pitchfork into Earth

Inhaled flames for what it’s worth
Signed cross on heart and head

Watch the dousing quickly spread

Isolating your tentacles from your brain
Tripping fanatically

Sine to Cosine, Elements to pause
Quick quirks from teeth of sharks

A denizen of attribution
Long before the massacre starts

Critical Mass
Glassy Sphere

What beauty to you find/
In a caravan of misfits with consumed with regret?

Ferry boat across state lines,
May as well serve ambrosia for one last time,

For from what I hear,
They’ll serve pomegranate but half the time

Tickle, tickle, and tickle me
In those places only you know how

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