Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upon Fisted Flask

Soda-pop expressions
cultures cramming atop the other

A bottleneck of tradition steeped in sweat

Flutter, so far away

Allow your spirit a holiday
Well deserved or barely earned

All who wait shall never see
The beauty intrinsic within stained glass

Flesh, like mine,

Mine like no others
Kissing, hugging,

Love and smother

Control from who I know

Opinionated mindsets relegate me
Like oil on the pavement of some other man’s drive

Candor, I no longer can afford

Wishing for a changing vision has become quite absurd
To think a peon, such as many can be, can change the mentality

Of a twenty first century bourgeoisie

Starlight’s embrace upon fisted flask/All times have their weakening/I know mine

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