Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Communion Of Souls

Staging and pealing,
Twisting and reeling,
Rolling towards the webbing
Caressing every regret with an ebb-like flow

The striation is a pattern,
A crazy design weaving forth its amber,
A designation ready to remember,
What it means to truly to have a love that can and will only continue to grow

From fore to aft, side to side
An angular procession, blending to and fro
All that is inside and all that forever shall be
Surrounding every memory you forge anew

It’s all a mystery enveloped in a personal,
Yet universally illustrated Mise en scene,
Only polarity can show the frayed and the perfected—
Forever discovering the artistry, what’s already known,
What’s yet to be seen—whether pristine or faded with flaw

The wild hair’s accosting,
Grasping the ventricles of air
The passion fills the tempest
With the most impossible of stares

It’s an airy companion,
Holding true the prophecies of the divine—
Blending history to the present, merging and melding
Yet again, into whatever, however devotion
Will choose to paint tomorrow’s lines

There’s a breeze across the valley
Engulfing the sated and the hungry—(Here’s a secret)—
The craving never stops—yet, the wisdom of the moment,
Is the enchantment that the frozen mind steals from the soul—ever a reminder, to remain open to the thoroughfares of life—whether pretty or demonic, the colorations and the prism’s of attraction, exist if one desires to search—in which, he or she will then proceed to find

The wizardry in wishing,
An automatic cauldron,
Taking chances as it’s misting overflows

Moonbeams and the dewy drops of stars
Holding tight the apprentice
With a glance espied by tenets wide and far,
A portraiture of awe, a sculpture of splendor—artwork
That only the ancient muse dares define

Couldn’t be more romantic
If her eyes ensnared my own,
Invigorating this flora with each vine that love emotes
Casting forth one vision
     Opening a common sensing,
              A sight that’s only present
In a communion of souls

                  Imagine a world where the exterior truly reflects the beauty that is ever there, always and forever near

Over at D'Verse we're discussing the majesty and mystery of all things beautiful.  I'll be hosting Poetics tonight and would love for you to enchant your night by sharing your own work of beauty and reading all the beauty shared by others.  Tonight's a night for the Beautiful, and I can't wait to find out just how the poetry will ignite us with inspiration and the Beauty that is, of course, everywhere and found within every one and every thing.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can't Break Me Down

You can’t break what’s already broken
You can’t take what’s already been stolen
You can’t
You can’t break
You can’t break me
You can’t break me
You can’t break me down

You never could.

When the head hangs lowly
And when comfort’s gone astray
Just remember, it could not have wandered far from here…
And when you need it,
When you need what’s inside
The heart will find,
The heart will find it there
And then, all things
All those dark clouds and shaded smiles,
Will become those shapes, the epitomes of clear

You always knew, exactly what to say

A Hesitation Spawned Through Over-Anylysing The Importance Of First Impressions

As prolific as I can be I straggle along when decisions are anything more than theoretical

As in touch, as I feel to be, with the muses that persistently confront me, knowing just what to say here or there, when I reach a point where so much must be said, this becomes the most daunting task of darkened dread

And I ask myself…WHY?
                                Am I tongue-tied and stifled
                                         Lost amidst a sea of words
                                         Perspiring for no reason

I could write a biography, chapter upon chapter, of what there is to tell, what there is to know, and yet, within those populous of words, none work as well, as hello.

Then what comes next…how does one matriculate from salutation to unearthing life’s mysteries.  Well, perhaps someplace in-between.

And as I hem and as I haw, doubt creeps in and intensifies it all.

What is there to fear?
What’s the worst that can happen?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Hierarchy of Angels

Forgive me if I fail to see
The flattery in your Joie de vivre

Correct me if I’m insincere
In disregarding the context of your cheer

What’s left tomorrow is often the rejected
Frames of today

Distinguish yourself through honor
Open your heart to verite and
All the lies will fade away

Forgery of purpose is impossible
If dedication is one’s only vice

Destitution of promise is but
A reflection of internal strife

To calm such seas in tumult
Simply intuit the breath, exhaling
All denials and debilitating thrush
And such is the way
And such is the path
     To delve fully in such direction
     Is to submit to potent tracts
In truth there is forgiveness
In strength one finds the gravity of love
     In harmony there lives a peaceful serenade
     Serenity one could almost touch

As one walks the valleys of the parent
All allegories are revealed

When one accepts all that is as what is served
There will be a hierarchy of angels revealed