Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As I step upon the Checkerboard

I. Acacia
Invariably-with precision of motive- I venture,
Undoubtedly, athanasia exists-
My perpetuity of indulgence-
Peering, and with each trespass—
Vision forgets all semblance of time, proffering ethereality
In syllabic serenade, a soiree of combinatory collectiveness enhances:
Those aqueous aphorisms of belief,
A childlike joviality invoked anew,
Through a singularity of symbiotic parallax—
Albeit syncopated— Cosmic alliances skirt past the doubting fields—
Dancing, freely—
To metronomic missteps of expressiveness—
Assiduously seizing each- as if, through perceived telemetry alone—
The spices intrinsic to vitality, transfer apperceived
In as such, your world—
Intersects with mine.

II.  Ashlar
Every cast of smoke, perspicaciously detailed
All sparks from stone—flint or scythe-
Ignites a widening of eyes—
Stock Gnosticism skewed—
As the perplexities of an individualistic mindset—
Appear in twin—
Where Dogmatic phylum’s mirrored in.

III. Blazing Star
Like whirlpools of vapor, swirling
A maelstrom of pedagogue, ellipses cosmic void,
Shrapnel steals the heavens, along catenary lines—
Disintegrating the abscess of doubt—with conviction.
Didactics change.

Conflagrations echo, rousing infundibulum’s dormancy
Vesuvian terror illumes—fusee, Congreve- striking match.  Inciter of—
Pompeian strategy.  Expatriated-the troubadours of consistency—
Ashen in their faithlessness, volcanically scrawl mementos for failure’s future-formed duplicitous indoctrinations—
All as- architectonical gyrations thrust dimensions forth—
In exaggerated artistry—a formula forgotten, renewed.

V. Trestle Board
Eternal chords, sung,
To the tune of gemstone—
Divined by elven mystics,
Mimetic verve trysting with preconception’s curse
In masonic fervor—
Construct, in diagram—
Equations for methodology—
Interlocked.  Patterned weave
Interpretational anonymity—
Birthed to live free.

VI. The Brides Chair
Three. Four. Five.
Extrapolation Nine. Sixteen. Twenty-Five.
You use what you’ve been blessed
A mind. So beautiful, that a word,
Would suppress- the perfection of angularity
That your verse-in write (sic), inherently bridges heart to hypothalamus to cerebrum to cerebellum to synapse.

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  1. Phew... this is so deep, complex, intricate and powerful.
    Well penned!

  2. That certainly was a weird checkerboard. You really delved into some mythology with this one, which I always like of course. Even had to go looke a few up, had no idea what GAOTU was, guess you got me back for my acronym's, now it's like you 1 me 20 haha. Some great word choices and really interesting images they provide too, I found this one could really mean ten different things as I delved through it.

  3. You are a very smart writer and this is a well thought out piece. I believe you are a sorcerer of words. Much enjoyed. :)

  4. step by step to the bride's chair...i don't know all the words but i much like the feeling of this...the building, the rising, the taking small or big steps to reach that destination...

  5. Learned many new words here, always a plus, and enjoyed your discourse on the building blocks of mind and philosophy. I love the titles of each section, the masonic symbols, and the quirky dialectics in the juxtaposed images and language.

  6. Warning: gushing will follow. I've now spent more than an hour with this magnificent poem; scribbled on it; ruminated on the theology, philosophy, and horology; squared the numbers :); cried from the joy and beauty of it (twice over part VI and once on the third re-read of part I); reveled in the eye opening imagery and ideas; had a very personal response to the use of catenary (there used to be wrought iron chain fencing around my favorite tree alongside the cathedral I attended as a young person - I spent many hours balancing on that chain changing it from catenary U to V or sometimes trying to make an almost straight line doing the splits, while waiting for my mother to remember me - it made the balance beam seem like a cakewalk afterwards); learned new things (one of my favorite ways to spend time); and tried to figure out how to respond reasonably to it (I never succeeded at figuring that out :)) but I do hope you'll forgive me. I know you say the reader co-creates meaning so thank you for bringing such rich material to the process. Your poem is a gift to the world, a real work of art, thank you.

  7. Daydreamer- Yes it is a complex piece, it's layered many times, hopefully I didn't tier it so much that I wound up distorting the levels themselves. But then again, being open to interpretation is a key to freemasonry, so I guess that'd be only fitting

    Pat, haha no not trying to one up the cat by any means, would be futile at best- forgot I even had an acronym in this piece- pretty weird how that worked out- So we'll keep that shutout intact:) Glad you enjoy the piece, and it's always a good thing to find new words or ideas that you feel inclined enough to research-that's an awesome compliment. Thanks

    Jess, aww.. I love the way that sounds, sorcerer of words...hmmm. I feel like merlin now, so cool:) Thanks

    Claudia, that's a nice interpretation I like that and small steps never hurt anyone-heck they take you in the same direction as big ones:) Thanks

    Hedge, Glad to introduce some new words- thats another compliment for sure. Yep lots of philosophy and a bit of psychology-you got the symbols, that's awesome- I'm really into symbolism-never this blatant, but all my poems are rich in symbolism- I try to give the reader their money's worth lol and try when possible to have subtext in addition to thematic context. Really glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Anna, very pleased you enjoyed the piece. Would've been disappointed if you didn't:) Really appreciate you sharing your childhood memory, so glad the poem linked to it, I find that to be one of the richest things, reading someone's poetry or other writings and finding just a word or phrase that strikes in such a way. Really a wonderful experience indeed. Yes, poetry is open to interpretation, and that is my mantra for certain-the poet is simply the conduit, the meaning is found through the reader. Again, really glad you enjoyed the piece:)

  9. Fred, I've got to do a bit of research on this one and come back to read it again. Poetically, I really like when poems are broken into numbered stanzas and you've used alliteration effectively.

  10. some fanicful play in your words...many i am not familiar with , such as your headers, but what was within made them dance...esp that last stanza which i understand completely...smiles. word UP

  11. Thank you for not fussing at me for gushing, really you can claim to be Merlin this evening (an inspired conduit for sure). I just found my grandfather's Freemason card in the family memory box earlier in the year so there's that personal connection too.

  12. Fred...for me, this will take some time! heavy language, and I can't skip the words, I must know them! You've given me homework for OpenLinkNight! I will return to impress you all with my grasp of this piece...kidding! not about the homework though!

  13. Whew, so many words to learn and investigate further...i take it you love the word play and criss crossing meanings....

    the last verse resonates with me...not every bride is given the chance and opportunity to use her mind ~

  14. You have to understand that I tend to little dogs and elephants! As a result, some of this was hard for me. That said, I found certain images and juxtapositions very striking: the perfection of angularity--the poem from heart to hypothalmus--the perplexities of the individualistic mindset.

  15. A complex and interesting write. Do not know all the words but enjoyed the feel of this. Thank you for your kind comment.

  16. You images of the checkerboard are very vivid and so well expressed. You step by step walk across the board to the brides chair... my English is not that adverse in your word usage and I am happy to read this it forced me to look up some of these words to understand your meaning. Well done and happy to read this wonderful amazing word filled piece of poetry so well done

  17. loved this Fred, so rich in language & thought, so much gold, really wonderful...

  18. It is a checkerboard alright! There are new words being given life to garner support for the familiar ones. Lots of deep meanings in outright forms. You led us through most delicately but I got stuck many places. Beautiful write!


  19. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the feedback, really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Glad you all seemed to enjoy the piece. Some had a bit of trouble with it, I'm glad to hear those who took the time to look some up-very big compliment there. Again, thanks again, was a wonderful OLN:)

  20. Anna, wow that's pretty awesome. Your grandfather's freemason card, that's really neat, and yes another link as well:)