Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Doesn't Like a Western?

Ragged veins of yesterday
Hoping change will play
A role in what tomorrow brings

Pandering round the new canteen
The colors of impeccability
Who Doesn’t like a Western?
         The baseline for a dream

Slow it down, before you pick something up
Let the dirt settle, before you kick the dust astir

Tin, dangling in the saloon
Philosophies coloring the spittoon
And for those that disagree
They’ll build a hangman’s noose in turn

Mining the fossils for what might be more
Spinning the wagons, as you search miles for,
All the potential in the open land
Where you’ll either be a legend
Or a forgotten man


  1. Love me a good western. Although that hangman's noose would be rather uninviting and all the spitting and horse manure would really affect my ocd, so I don't think actually being there would be the best for captured the moment well.

    Oh and yes Paypal can be hell.

  2. i like mine cheesy or spaghetti, maybe because i am currently hungry, kinda scary though the justice on the frontier can be harsh if you dont watch your back and even your front...philosophy coloring the spittoon...nice...

  3. Bring on the John Wayne, Baby! Or some Clint Eastwood in his westerns, yeah.

    And I think something big is a-gonna go down at high noon, soI better be outta site when them dueling pistols come out! :)

  4. Who wouldn't like a world where the air bristled with possibility, where it was up to you how things turned out and, as it turns out, it's always up to us. To me that's what the west and westerns were about. Good write!

  5. Pat, yes the hangman's noose is uninviting, and OCD probably doesn't go well with these, which makes it great that you can just read these words from me-lol

    Brian- Spaghetti sounds good. Oh yeah western justice was pretty much another world from where we're supposed to be now, it really was a different way of living, that's for sure

    Jannie- great comment- really got into the moment, that's awesome, thanks

    Joanne- I agree, the west had a few facets to it, one was the marshall type of justice Brian mentioned, but overall it was a world where learning, experiencing and opportunity abounded. Sure there were problems as there were today, but with so much territory unexplored at the time, possibility certainly did present a notion of promise.

    Thanks for the replies, really appreciate them