Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Tines

Polemic swivels, shifts and skirts
Ridges of blaspheme, course roots of dearth
Blending to a curse

Breaths captured in the plastic interlude

There comes a chapter
Some moment upon page
Random by designation
Various in degree
You’ll feel the exchange is never-ending
You’ll floss the fabric aside
Worn thin and ragged
Ennui plots of time

Stagnation echoes
Noshing daily
Beneath the cord

Perpendicular; strange
Tines protrude


  1. oh you got no idea how much i can feel this...Breaths captured in the plastic interlude...great!

  2. Stagnation does arise from time to time, but I guess I have a way of beating it back with rhyme. Even though sometimes my rut runs deep and out of it I should prob creep, yet sometimes when I do, there are some scary sights between me and I go back in and cover my rut or bush number three with tin.

  3. Claudia, Glad the piece resonates with you. Thanks,am pleased you enjoyed it:)

    Pat- yes rhyme definitely can deter the staleness, that's for sure, especially when it's a cat that rhymes- How could you get bored:) LOL some scary stuff in those ruts indeed.