Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Death Merchants

The merchants caustically advertise
The many methods to which you can subscribe

Debts, inherited, transfer too

The disconnect exists, between prey and predator
The predator’s not always the only one hunting

Crosshairs are one-size fits all

The soft palette, breaks upon contact
The rigid frame, cannot budge

Are not inherent constraints, still constraints?

The merchants of death live for the kill
Each asset obtained is another line to their will

Always the hunted, always on the hunt, always hunting

But still we try, but still we’re tried


  1. Once again all comes down to greed whether that be the greed of the merchants, death or otherwise, wanting to suck you dry. Or the greed of the people wanting simply because society says they should have it. On the hunt always, great word play with that line.

  2. Pat, thanks. bit of wordplay used-who me. Yeah I love it when I can see it fit. But yeah the death merchants are everywhere, and unfortunately you're correct- greed seems to be the elixir for the soulless- but what comes first-the absence of humanity or the greed. Does man create the greed or does greed possess the man? I often wonder about these things when I hear someone say something like, "there's good in everyone," or "There's no such thing as pure evil," which I have to say I agree, yet can call BS on that too-depends upon the mood and mindset-or perhaps I should say how clear I'm focused that day. Thanks again, great feedback, appreciate it