Monday, October 3, 2011

Mercurial Rising

Bluster of the simmer code// arranged-mister- perfuming harbor-harbormaster, vigor, vignette, vinaigrette, and VOICELESS aggregate
Pejoratively pejorative deprecatory//tersely trimmed: rations built by polyps scantily besperpled all about. Strewn the streets in voided locks

Bluster of fluff and the unsubstantiated cavalry of somersaulting tambourines.

His daughter was a merchant.  She wished to be an actress.  She dreamed in fairy tales- worlds furthest away from a chastising, cigar-wielding boss of a man.  His daughter, dressed to Sunday’s best, skipped the service talk, jogged around the holy block, dress flocking to the wind, upskirt sentimentality, pickets picked for curls.
To the boys in the corner shade, she searched until they no longer could evade.  She earned the sum.  She sold the goods and now a merkin she would own, to guard her pretty.  (All the result of a dumb magazine story, where “you ain’t getting nowhere in Hollywood until you got the goods, and if you got the goods-then you’d be best advised to guard them good.”  Well she thought, I’m a merchant as much as anyone else, I got the goods.  But to defend- well that she could not pretend.
Tautologies- again and again, over and over
The Diagrams of Venn are missing a few relationships- they can’t account for those unknown.
Oh no, the vang broke- snap, snappity, snap
The ambrosia was made especially for you
But there’s still dessert
Barely able to take another bite
Everything was so delicious
Like seltzer
She settles me
She makes the ordinary beautiful
Fork to plate-fork to mouth
I can’t stop watching her
My eyes can’t focus elsewhere
Eye to eye again
How does God choose his blessings?
Times like these I wonder
 Cheeks redden both
                                             Eyes meet steady long
Perfection meets me at the door


  1. fred i just love this how you go from the rather abstract first part to the story...His daughter was a merchant....perfect set up of the stage here - and then in the last part the capture of the moment...the now...really loved it

  2. Caught in the moment by gazing eyes, can be quite the delight for some gals and guys. Others can be scary though and all you want to do is run and go. More experience with the later I'd say, so much dating dismay..haha. Everyone seems to act when it comes to lovey dovey crap, like they need to add an extra lap. Then one finds them fake and wishes they'd drown in a lake..haha...oh I went off there, on quite the tear.

  3. Interesting post. I'm fascinated by your transitions from beginning to the end poem lines.

    Seemed a free write thought process transformed to simple poetic beauty.

  4. Claudia, really glad you enjoyed this piece. Definitely went from abstract to normal-well sort of. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.


    Hmm. interesting you zoned in on the "romantic" part of the piece- it's pretty crazy this piece, I do admit- tons going on, lots of twists- That extra lap will just get you winded in my opinion-well most of the times anyhow lol

  5. Petrina

    Really glad you enjoyed the poem. There was a bit of free write involved here- but not like some of the other ones I do, this was, well focused free writing

    But their is tiers within the poem. The title is really important- so I tried to make it a more stable piece but as you move upwards the piece gets more abstract and erratic. The "normal part" I posted in a reverse ordered timeline- It was fun to play with- and within those free writing there is tons of little references and abstractions mashed up inside there.

    Thanks so much for the feedback, always the pleasure