Friday, October 14, 2011

All the worlds a... (Masquerade)

This started off as a song
It's always been a song
Yet words are triggers
When dosed that way

This became a poem
as lyrics chose to ignore
The rhythm and the chord
when the noose 
lusted after the heart


This truly did begin as a song, but someplace along the way the muse cut out the larynx, bled the clef, and out birthed a poem

It’s the catalyst for masquerade
Dignitaries of disguise
It’s the catalyst for masquerade
         Foundations of façade
It’s the catalyst for masquerade
         Dictators of charade

The way a king castles rook
The softest tacks still do hurt
How tomorrow is sometimes today
Varies only how you section the day

Field mouse in a lion’s den
Deception isn’t what instills demise
It’s that their effect is not worth your size
It’s that what you’d solve, not worth their pride

Ambassadors on parade
Teachers of surprise

Where slight of hand
Leaves a mark it’s own


  1. Love how you played the meek against the mighty sort of thing, or them masquerading as meek when really they can one up the big dogs, so to speak. Or would that be big lions, you the cat likes cats better anyway, so we'll go with that today..haha Rhyming was high here as well, once again you feel under my spell. All and all everyone has a little masquerade in them depending on the person and situation, some just constantly live such a thing.

  2. But the rhythm remains! Really nice write.

  3. it really started as a song? ha...really like the masquarade stanza...dictators on

  4. Pat- glad you liked the piece, yeah cats of any kind I like, not sure If I'd feel too comfortable having a Lion for a pet, or even like how Mike Jackson had a black panther- he had to shave the teeth down though- not too Animal Rights orientated though, but man it sure would be cool to have this huge place and your pet panther is lurking all over the place- that said I'd chicken out if given the chance for sure. Meek vs Mighty- yep forever and always, or so it seems- little masquerade in each indeed, and yep the cat infects his rhymes, to the point where the mind thinks in ending rhyme. Thanks, great feedback as usual

  5. Thans MZ, really appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed

    Brian, lol yep really did start off as a song lol Thanks, glad you liked