Saturday, October 29, 2011

Larks & Fits

A vitreous demeanor—
Demonstratively clear,
Passion of a cider mill—
Flowing forth, beneath/around, a sip from carousal’s cup
Adroitly passive, with each subsequent turn—
About, upon, whirl then turn towards, a hardscrabble carousel on an unrequited tea-cup grid

Ascending scales of rose:
Conjugating hybrid (in) tensions
Disseminating salient intentions

Discouraged, dissuaded days
Rupture complicity unto craven shears

Just to pose, a certain patter,
Varicosity in disjointed petulance,
Mingle amongst the fragrance
Hindering redolence, served by larks and fits

The idyllic complexion of Veracity,
Cozened by truncation, short-snippet,
In times of frozen aperture
Descending scope of roves  
Fly swat willow; abruptly brewed
Bimanous, despite (in) flexion
Paramour in inflection

Encouraged by persuaded nights,
Floriated chastity, up to intrepid sheers

Juxtaposed with portent smidgens
Excogitative, quadrated intemperance
Luxate, adrift from collectiveness
Facilitating Hyposmia through larks & fits

The flawed distortion of artifice
Unfeigned by sapience,
In times of brittle aperture

Within, atop, a fecund carousel
Invigorated spritely with each whirl
Exuding astern, carousal’s cup
Prurience extracted
Illustratively chimerical—
An expurgation of deportment

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  1. Not overly sure I got the full drift of this one, but the fits part I can do, as I always use them when my rhymes flew and yes you got me back, had to go on the look up word attack, for at least a few. I'm going to have to take that dictionary and thesaurus away from you..haha