Monday, October 24, 2011

Moonlight Slipper

Grappling the midnight oil
Bathing in its kerosene
 Alit, we light
As circumference smiles

The moonlight,
                  with spoons
                           that writhe for
                                             Utensil deep,
                                                      The drowning ladle dies,
                                                               Suffocating in ecstasy,            
                                                                Each fatal moment,
                                                                Every tragic second,
                                                                Perfect slips from its
                                                                     Shimmering ridge.               
                                                                                          As     It                                                                                                 Seeps
                                                                                 Away from
                                                                                          The lip.
A moonlight slipper
Consumed with dew
Dreams of cosmic pools
To swim beneath,
To drift upon
Anima, persona
Unity, bathed in quenching light


  1. While this may have the appearance of a google screw-up it is and it isn't- Lip should be over next to to the, but the others I wanted to be set apart from the overall design.

  2. Google always messes it up, it never looks the same when you post, as it does in the preview, stupid thing. Liked the more soft, gentle approach to this one, even though I'm sure lighting a match while bathed in kerosene wouldn't make for something very gentle..haha